Stray Cats Saga Compilation Cute Cats Video

Yes, it’s a long video lol. Stray Cats Saga is a “series” that just sort of happened on TopBuzz on my channel. This is to let my YouTube subscribers catch up…and also entertain both YouTube and TopBuzz. This is a Continue Reading

Vocabulary Makes Others Feel Dumb…Really?

I was told that I sometimes make a friend of mine feel dumb for a moment because I have and use vocabulary and speak in a way that she doesn’t understand sometimes. Happen to you? ———————————————————————————————- Please Subscribe, Like and Continue Reading

Don’t Bring Your Negativity Here

Don’t bring negativity to my channel; or any other channel. It’s a waste of time and energy. This just had to be said. ———————————————————————————————- Please Subscribe, Like and comment. MIMH Website- Twitter- Tumblr- Facebook: Instagram:

Control My Content on YouTube and TopBuzz

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Refugee$ in Slovenia getting vacation homes on the beach

What a world to live in. The link I mentioned at the end for all the honest or virtue signaling peeps in my comment sections:

Glad Trump Is President and Power Is Out

One aspect makes me kinda glad that Trump became President. Also… the freakin power went out in my apartment complex. CLICK THIS LINK: TopBuzz Feedback ———————————————————————————————- Please Subscribe, Like and comment. TopBuzz Channel- MIMH Website- Twitter- Tumblr- Continue Reading

Refugee$$ vacationing in their homelands funded by taxpayer$$

Can’t make this stuff up. LINKS: Sweden: Lying “child refugee” goes on vacation to the Middle East after receiving residence permit Refugees go on holiday to their ‘dangerous homelands’ mostly funded by taxpayer’s money The Continue Reading


End of an era my friends. Here’s to another chapter. Tnx for everything. You can support this channel on Patreon: ☛ or via Paypal ☛ ∆∆∆ SOCIAL MEDIA ∆∆∆ ☛ 2nd channel: ☛ Instagram: ☛ Photography Instagram: Continue Reading