Catcalling is now a crime in France

From now on you can get fined over a whistle and that is the most important thing that needed attention in the great big France.

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105 thoughts on “Catcalling is now a crime in France”

  1. just admit it barbara, you love liberals, thats why you want to live in LA! if you didnt, why you coming here? California is my state, i was raised here since i was a toddler, and i love multiculturalism. so, i dont understand why someone like you wants to live in a place like this?? you are confusing as hell to be honest. you can go to school and get a job in a conservative city, somewhere in the south, you would fit in just fine. you should stay in your country and fight for it, instead of abandoning it. you are a hydprocrite if you come and live here.

  2. You can’t lose a lot without gaining something. France’s turning into a failed state must serve as a wake-up call to the rest of Europe.

  3. Kek, France being France. Instead of fighting nazis joined them.
    Instead of expelling muslims, making up issues. Instead of modernizating and diversificating their economy there are crying and demonstrating for muh gibs.

  4. Why not just charge him with what happened after the cat call? The so call free world is descending into insanity.

  5. french here, we gave up long ago but Macron is pushing even further. Not only this but the unemployement rate is over the top, the gov protects people that shouldn’t even exist (look for Alexandre Benalla’s case/affair) they tax elderly while giving away money to the richest of the richest, they take back money from students and poor families. Immigration as well but that’s already established. Some of us are just waiting for a revolution again. some like me are moving from the country they love(d)
    everything is fucked up, europe as whole needs to stand up and fight for their land and culture but nobody will as you can be called racist for pretty much everything (I’ve been called racist for selling a coffee box that pictures a black face on it, it’s not my fault is the brand’s logo is a blackface)
    anyway great video barbara thanks for raising awareness on so many issues in europe and elsewhere

  6. The whole western world entered a slippery slope when we decided to give feminists a voice on legislation decisions. It’s like asking the Pope to legislate what secularism is.

    Modern feminism is a poisonous ideology. Resist it actively.

  7. I love your videos, especially your humour. It cracks me up when you pause, turn slightly and express your disbelief… hahaha. Keep em coming.

  8. I never had the urge to go to France, now I want to go for two reasons.
    1) knock out “refoogees”
    2) cat call the fuck out of every woman in public

  9. Catcalling wasn’t the problem in that first case, him assaulting her was the problem. Why are they passing laws that are useless?

  10. In Portugal we had a very similar law approved a few years ago but I never heard of anyone being fined as of yet LMAO

  11. Exclusions to this law include Muslims, illegal immigrant rapists or gang rapists and pedophiles.
    Watch and you’ll see I’m not wrong

  12. @Barbara4u2c – A fine or ticket anywhere on this world is just a money and power grab for governments to use against beta people. This code, statute or act will not be applied to devote Muslims that will claim their Sharia Law right to be heard by their Imam and there must be at least two witnesses willing to speak inside a Mosque.

  13. Stop the planet, I wanna get off! The world has become a dropped pie….that is currently being walked into the carpet!

  14. Come on. The guy taking the chair was the only one standing up for the lady. He obviously grabbed the chair to use it as a weapon in case he needs it. He is still a cowards because he actually didn’t do anything but way better than the rest of the people there…

  15. The only issue is that catcalling does not promote sexual violence. But bringing Islamic immigrants in the country who are intolerable towards women IS promoting sexual violence.

  16. Europe has gone to shit rape acid attacks knife attacks riots oh but hey we gotta stop the whistling the whistling has got to STOP for the love of god not the whistling!!!!!

  17. This makes as much sense as banning cigarettes, berets, and croissants from Paris.

    THE CITY OF LOVE… age where romance is a crime…

  18. So whut? France is an islamic state now, and muslims do not need catcalling to be legal. They just go to any woman and rape the shit out of her without saying a word.

  19. What do you expect since 99% of YOU ARE RETARDS ?!

    except Ron Paul 1% and alike..

  20. Passing laws against catcalling while overlooking cases of rape. The French gov treats a gaping wound in the jugular by telling you to relax and lower your heart rate so you’ll bleed slower.

  21. Well Barbara, according to one theory I read there are actuallly plenty of guys in the E U like Mr. 640 who actually admire “those people” because the men have kept their women under control, and what they really want is for the European way of life to merge with the mid-eastern way of life, and those European women who are man-hating feminists will have to learn to behave themselves, learn to treat men with respect, And be taught that getting married and having babies is something they will have to do, and if they want to fight about it they will have to wear a burka to cover the bruises they got from their husband……. Now I am not saying that women have an instinct for masochism and they will learn to like being owned by a man who dominates them, but THOSE women seem to, and maybe white women of the near future can be taught to think like this if the next generation of European men can be taught by the refugees to be real men and not the submissive girly men their fathers were………Of course there is another theory I read that says there is a conspiracy being done by the Methamphetamine Industry………Now that “those people” have created these little colonies in France called “No-Go zones” that the flics are afraid to patrol, Meth has become a sort of vitamin that gives these guys strength.

    1. …..A man who is on meth can walk all night if he has to. After a few months of taking the high doses addicts do they can become a violent and paranoid ” speed freak” who can make an excelent soldier for the rest of his short life.

    2. Meth addicts can learn to work in a meth lab, and sell it to non-addicts in the local population. If they get caught and sent to prison, they can recruit the other criminals they meet there who can learn their lifestyle when they are parolled. Meth is not unlike a tool the U.S. prison population used to outgrow the Chinese prison population..

  22. It’s made by cow,
    That find it’s «cool»,
    To make the blink,
    Whatever you can’t be legal in France …

    What’s legal and freedom is according to Europe constitution .

    Being a good
    A nobody
    A mercantile device …

    Anything else is illegal and prisoner …

    That’s the cool blink the French cows in duty progress …

  23. Extra Extra !!
    Muslim Rapefugees just Inserted the Eiffel Tower Up France’s asshole !!!
    France gave the Islamic dick heads, five hundred years to pull it out… #Rapefugees

  24. It’s just too cool, I wanted to save it for the next video Barb but the seconds are ticking …There goes Barbara buzzin down the beach again 😀

  25. I played a key role in 2007 in putting into motion the first coalition against child exploitation and rape announce one year later between Canada and UK in 2008 of which 50 other countries followed example in 2012 and in recent years while this globalist crime organization manifestation of lies and deceptions forced upon several societies simultaneously in modern day came into effect among almost 100 countries, the coalition against child exploitation and rape that is .


  27. So in France you can rape little girls just don’t tell them they’re pretty before you do it. Shit is Twisted kind of like California where intentionally giving somebody AIDS is the same as calling a dude a dude in the Law’s eyes.

  28. stfu you cunt stop ignoring me and spread you stupid fucking legs you shitty english speaker!

  29. Wait, why even that law? If an ashtray is a lethel weapon, wouldnt that be attempted murder or something anyway? Was the catcalling beforehand really that important?

  30. Yeah well assault is already illegal so I dont think a law against catcalling would have stopped this guy.

  31. The salient feature of the 20th century was the collective suicide of the White race. In 1900 we ruled the world. We ruled politically, militarily, culturally, economically, scientifically, and in every other way. No other race even came close. We ruled India and Africa directly, and China was for all practical purposes an economic colony of Europe and America. The Chinese Emperor remained on his throne only so long as he let White men have their way in China. Japan was the only non-White nation of any significance that even had pretensions of autonomy.

    We had superior weapons, superior armed forces, superior communications, superior transportation, superior agriculture and industry, superior standards of health, superior organization, superiority in every facet of science and technology. We had the best universities — really, the only universities worthy of the name — the best engineers. We built things that other races couldn’t even imagine. We explored, we conquered, we ruled.

    More important than anything else was our moral superiority — and please don’t misunderstand my use of that term. I don’t mean that we were meek and inoffensive and turned the other cheek. I mean that we were proud and self-confident. We knew who we were, and we knew that we were far, far better than anyone else, and we weren’t at all embarrassed by the fact that we were better. We recognized racial differences in the same way we recognized that the sun rises in the east, and we felt not the slightest need to apologize to anyone for that. Egalitarianism was a moral and mental disease that afflicted only a few of our people, despite the murderous outburst of egalitarian insanity that was the French Revolution a century earlier. Any sort of racial mixing was abhorrent to us. We looked on miscegenation with the same disgust and disapproval as on bestiality or necrophilia. We didn’t tolerate it. And we didn’t accept or trust Jews. That was our situation a century ago.

    We did have some faults, however: some very serious faults. We were not vigilant. We were so confident in our superiority that we failed to heed the warnings of the few among us who were vigilant. We didn’t pay attention when a few warned us, “Hey, we’d better do something about the race problem. We have nine million non-Whites in the United States, according to the 1900 census, and in the future they could become a real problem for us. Let’s start getting rid of them now.

    We thought, “Well, as long as they stay on their side of town and stay out of sight, how can they be a problem for us? Besides, they’re useful for picking cotton and as cleaning women and cooks and gardeners.”

    And when a few warned us about the Jews we also didn’t pay attention. A few warned us about the damage the Jews had done to us in the past, about their malevolence, about their growing wealth, but most of us didn’t take the warnings seriously. We saw the Jews as obnoxious and unpleasant people, and we didn’t let them into our private clubs and our better hotels, but we didn’t consider them really dangerous. We didn’t even become alarmed when they began buying up our newspapers and elbowing their way into other propaganda media.

    And lack of vigilance wasn’t our only fault. We were too ready to quarrel with one another. No other race was seen as a threat to ours, so we felt no need to suppress our internal rivalries and jealousies and hatreds and form a solid front against the non-White world. We let fester old rivalries between the English and the Germans and between the Germans and the French and between the English and the Boers in South Africa and between those of us who spoke Germanic languages and those of us who spoke Slavic or Romance languages. We didn’t notice our faults, our weaknesses — but others did.

    The latter half of the 19th century saw not only the beginning of the acquisition of our mass media by the Jews, but also the nearly simultaneous hatching of two long-term, murderous conspiracies designed to exploit our weaknesses and turn them against us. These two conspiracies were Zionism and Marxism. Some Jews went with one, some with the other, but both were deadly for us.

    The Marxists issued their Communist Manifesto as far back as the middle of the 19th century, but it was another 50 years before they were able to have much of an impact on the Gentile world. As for the Zionists, they also began propagandizing and organizing about the middle of the 19th century and only became noticeable at the beginning of the 20th century, when they began having international Zionist congresses and more or less openly laying their plans to foment wars and revolutions, of which they could take advantage to promote Jewish interests.

    For example, at the Zionist Congress in 1897, in Basel, Switzerland, the Zionist leader Theodor Herzl told his fellow Jews that they were having trouble persuading the Turks, who at that time controlled Palestine, to turn the country over to them, but that the Jewish leaders had plans for getting around the Turks. And I should mention that Herzl’s address to the 1897 Zionist Congress has been published in a number of places, and any diligent researcher can dig up a copy. Herzl said:

    “It may be that Turkey will refuse us or will be unable to understand us. This will not discourage us. We will seek other means to accomplish our end. The Orient question is now a question of the day. Sooner or later it will bring about a conflict among the nations. The great European war must come. With my watch in hand do I await this terrible moment. After the great European war is ended the peace conference will assemble. We must be ready for that time.”

    Remember, Herzl was talking about the Jews’ plans 17 years before the outbreak of the First World War. But the Jews were ready when the time came. In 1916, with the war more or less stalemated, they approached Britain’s political leaders and made a deal to bring the United States into the war on the side of Britain in return for a British promise to take Palestine away from Turkey and turn it over to the Jews after the war. The British side of the deal was made public in the so-called Balfour Declaration. And the Zionists kept their end of the bargain by working through Jews close to the Democratic President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had won the election to his second term in the White House in 1916 by promising America’s voters that he would keep the United States out of the European war. But as soon as he took office in 1917 he began scheming to get the country into the war on the side of Britain, which, of course, he did two months later. That cost a couple of million additional Gentile lives, but it got Palestine for the Jews — and it also prolonged the war enough for the Jews in Russia to topple the czar and get their communist revolution off the ground.

    When I said that some Jews took the Marxist route and some the Zionist route, I didn’t mean that all Jews became active workers in one or the other of those movements. Most Jews remained full-time money-grubbers and provided propaganda and financial support for their conspiratorial brethren, continuing to buy up mass media and to dispense capital to the Zionists or the communists as needed. And they didn’t wait for the First World War for that. The first big Gentile bloodletting of the last century in which they had a hand was the Boer War in South Africa, between the British and the Boers. This cruel and murderous war, in which Jewish capitalists were allied with British capitalists against South Africa’s Dutch and German and French farmers — the Boers — laid the foundations for Jewish control of much of Africa’s mineral wealth.

    In 1904 the Jewish Wall Street speculator Jacob Schiff, planning ahead for a communist takeover of Russia, helped to finance the Japanese side in the Russian-Japanese war and used his influence to block loans to the Czar’s government from America. This was the same Jacob Schiff who a little more than a decade later provided the Jewish-Bolshevik movement with an infusion of $25 million to finish the job in Russia: that’s $25 million from capitalist Wall Street to finance the communist butchery of Gentile Russians. In 1917 $25 million was a lot of money; in any case it bought enough bombs and bullets and communist propaganda leaflets to get the job done.

    Now, none of this Jewish activity was really secret. The lemmings didn’t know about it, because it wasn’t in the funny papers or the movies. But Jews weren’t even trying to keep their sympathies or their activities secret, and observant Gentiles continued to issue warnings to anyone who would listen. But, as I said a moment ago, we weren’t vigilant. White Americans didn’t believe that they were in any danger. Things such as the deal to bring America into the First World War in return for the turning of Palestine over to the Jews were too subtle for the American mind.

    After the war the mass murder of Ukrainians and Russians by Jewish-Bolshevik commissars might possibly have registered with White Americans, except that the average White American didn’t think of Russians and Ukrainians as real people: they spoke a different language and dressed differently from us. And besides, by that time the Jews had gotten a pretty good grip on Hollywood and the broadcasting industry, and so the only side of the story that most Americans were allowed to see or hear was the Jewish side.

    Europeans were more vigilant than Americans. For one thing Europeans had longer memories: they were more aware of the long history of Jewish scheming and predation than Americans were. For another thing, in Europe the danger was quite a bit closer. Communist parties in a number of European countries besides Russia had taken advantage of the chaos in the wake of the war to make grabs for power, and in a few countries — Hungary, for example — they succeeded temporarily. People noticed the ethnicity of the

  32. Everyone badmpuyhs America for being fucked up while completely ignoring this kind of shit or going on completely unaware of it. Every country has some fucked up priorities as well as history. None of them are honestly any better than the other.

  33. Barbara, let’s get all sane people together on a rocket and go make a colony on the Moon or Mars on something, it might sound crazy but in the world we live in today it seems like it’s the sane thing to do compared to the madness going on XD

  34. Why are all the people standing by doing NOTHING fine? C’mon…French guys. Put down the cheese and throw an elbow. That guy should have gotten his ass whooped.

  35. Doesn’t this mean they really should be banning diet coke ads too? 😕
    Maybe insist on segregated night clubs to ensure no one can say something to another person that might be construed as cat calling them. Oh yeah, need to also allow for the LGBT folks so will just have to ban all gatherings of people to be on the safe side. 😦

  36. I just love how France celebrated at any events. Remember 2008 Occupy Wall street. Good times good times hehe…Meow

  37. Catcalling in Australia is Illegal as well.
    But most likely not illegal for muslims to do.
    The same as they don’t get changed for any other crimes in Australia

  38. Probably happens everyday there, with the millions middle eastern and sub Saharan African immigrants in France.

  39. France has never recovered from the loss of Men in WWI/WWII. The impact of that high loss of mens lives is shown to this day. Literally their balls have been cut off for so long. So that generation of teaching the next how to be a respectful man and pride in ones country has been gone for some time. Their government is ran by neutered men (masculinity neutered) and women. You’ll have laws like this showing up for decades to come.

  40. Women will get what they ask for. Never endanger your life for a woman. They’re all worthless trash. Especially white ones.

  41. The best thing to do is to sit on a couch, take a beer and watch some good videos and dank meme.
    French governement do what it wants, when it wants, even if french population show rage.
    So… I rather lie on a couch, take good time, do what I want and wait ’til death…

  42. Well Barbara now that you have all this time you have to find something to do with, perhaps you could do some research and provide us with a synopsis of all the conspiracy theories pertaining to what is really going on with this years invasion of Europe by the faithful.

  43. France … well, I guess we cannot expect much better from those clowns. What we have at hand is a case of assault – let us do a law that restricts a human right of free expression. What we need to do is enforce the laws we already have for this sort of situation. Restricting free expression is what left-wing authoritarians always do.

  44. Great video, as usual. I found it interesting that very few if any pointed out that it was an immigrant who assaulted the woman. Sad how none of Macaroni’s “men” did anything for the woman or to the assailant.

    Oh, by the way, you’re a total honey. Meow.

  45. Oh, WOW! Adding to everything, no one mentioned that the woman might have said something way more inappropriate than just a “shut up” to the man. Not that this is an excuse for what happened next, but let’s just wonder what would have been appropriate to be done if she said something like “go fuck your mother, she is the only one who’d go with you” to him…
    This guy’s actions seem appropriate now, don’t they?

  46. Don’t take this wrong. You’re a cute kid, to me anyway and I like your video’s. If possible, do what ever it takes to come back to the states. We need more youth with your mindset, commonsense & humor even. Personally, I don’t think we beat our kids enough. My generation, the baby Boomers, use to get our asses beat constantly for acting like fools. We didn’t do it to our kids and that’s where we fucked up. If more youth were like you, I don’t think we’d have to worry as much about the future of our kids & grand kids. Please get your ass back here. these bratty ass kids some guidance when we’re gone. You might make the difference.

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