Coaching Topics

  1. Work From Home

I will coach you on ways to earn money from home with your own business or just earning some extra spending money.  I will even coach you in my unique “World 3 Method” on how to not only build your own business; but how to build your own company.  Coaching will be tailored to you.  Your situation, your skills, and more.  Instead of randomly trying to search around and find a way to make money online that you can fit in to… let me learn about you…and then teach you a way that fits you.

2.  Passion/Romance

Let me teach you ways to be more romantic.  My coaching will help you to be more passionate in life as well as in your relationship.  Not perverted (that’s a different coaching lol) but passionate.

3.  Self Defense

Let me coach you on how to defend yourself against an attacker.  This includes preventative measures as well as basic hand to hand and weapons.  This is not a full martial arts course, however; you will be learning techniques used in various martial art disciplines.  I’ll give you the basics, but I will also cater it to any situation you are most fearful of. (examples: bullies, rape defense, etc)

4.  Naughty Fun Ideas

This one is very popular I must say.  With this coaching I will teach you how to  play various stripping and drinking games.  i will also help you with party ideas… ways to spice up your sex life with your partner…and much more.  I will even help teach you better masturbation techniques.  All this and its’ all catered to you and what I learn in our interactions.  Interested in a specific aspect more than the rest?  Just tell me and I will focus on that aspect.

5.  Inspiration and Reach Out

This one is a very simple concept.  This topic is for those who simply want someone that they can reach out to, get general advice from, or just someone to become an online friend to tell their problems to.  Basically… this is just those seeking general conversation with someone.

More will be added soon.  Also, you can suggest or request something that does not fit into any of these topics.  If I am able to coach it…I will.