Define Personal Growth In Your Life

Hello Everyone!  I’m writing this today to tell you; don’t let others define personal growth for you.  Far too many times and each and every day, we let other people and outside influences tell us not only how we should grow as people, but also who we should be when we get there.  Personal growth is just that… personal.  Some aspects are common to us all; not to mention, common sense in so many ways.  However, how you grow as an individual and who you strive to become, is a personal choice and an exploration of true self.

Before you can define personal growth for yourself though; you first have to envision the person you want to be.  You have to search yourself with no filter.  Try to imagine yourself meeting and hanging out with that version of yourself.  What is that person like?  What do you really connect with and appreciate about that person?  How is this future version of yourself different from who you are now?  Think about these questions and any others you feel are important to truly get a grasp on.

Now, that you know this person… figure out what needs to change in order for you to be that person you want to be.  That better “self” is how you would define personal growth.  It is the path you must take in order to become that person.

Keep in mind that changes and aspects of your journey are not always huge steps.  More times than not, it is the little things that you find need to change in order to become the best version of yourself.  Yes, it is possible that perhaps one or two big things need to change as well; but it’s usually the little things that make all the difference in our lives.  To climb a mountain, you have to take it one step and one grip at a time.  Little by little you find yourself working your way to the top… to that goal.  As you climb that mountain, don’t view it as a single journey reaching for an end.  Think to yourself, “when I reach the top… I hope there is another mountain just waiting for me.”  Climb hard and leap from one mountain to the next as though you grow wings at will.

Don’t Just Define Personal Growth, Know It!

Now, you must do something that too many people fail to do.  You have to not only believe that you are capable of getting there… you have to know it.  Down to your core and throughout your entire being; you have to know that you are going to become that person you want to be.  You are going to accomplish those goals that you have set for yourself.  You define personal growth and you see it as a road map to who you are going to be.  The future in your mind is simply a mental painting of the future you will be living.  Nothing and no one can ever stop you.

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