Girls Too Much Makeup Is Called “Too Much” For a Reason

Alright, Ladies.  Going to tell you this from a guy’s point of view obviously.  Honestly, girls too much makeup is called too much for a reason.  Personally, I believe that most women look far more beautiful without makeup on, but I understand the want to throw a little on when you go out somewhere.

All I ask is that you try to put on makeup… in a way that makes it look like you are not wearing makeup.  Go for natural and beautiful; instead of bright or heavy…which is not anywhere near as attractive as many of you seem to think it is.  I love women… clowns not so much.

Okay, if you are wearing makeup and it is obvious that you are wearing it; maybe it still okay.  Guess it depends on your skin tone and colors of the makeup…and a lot of other things.  Truth is that a lot of women can wear makeup rather heavy and look decent (still would look better with less or none); but a lot of you aren’t too far away from walking down the street and showing up at parties looking like this:

All I’m saying is unless it is Halloween; please go easy and light on the makeup.  There are far too many women covering up beauty with tons of makeup.  As guys, we love kissing and touching a woman… but who wants to love up on a human chalk board?  Your makeup gets everywhere; not to mention you look like a clown or a psycho hooker… who would want to be intimate with that?

I realize a lot of women will read this and say, “Ah you’re just a man…what do you know?”  Well… I know as a man I will (and have) tell girlfriends to go take off the makeup and their real and true beauty show.  I know that a lot of my guy (and lesbian) friends agree with what I’m saying.

You are already beautiful… don’t think you have to use makeup to look your best.  Also, just because your favorite celebrity is wearing her makeup a certain way…doesn’t mean you need to.  She’s probably wrong too 🙂

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