I’m Back and Improved. Return to YouTube

Future videos will be better. Anyway, I’m back and improved on this channel. Just a quick update. There you go… this is my happy return to YouTube.

My Notes:

  1. Third time I’ve tried to make this video
  2. Btw, I have an HD camcorder that even has an external microphone. I tried to record this video on it twice. First time I did the whole thing and there was no audio (didn’t turn the microphone on though it was plugged into the camera). Second time I turned on the microphone and then when I went to edit the video; I discovered that the audio was still screwed up. There was a noise over it.
  3. I tested the audio after eliminating everything around that I figured could have been causing the noise…. No difference. Still sucked.
  4. So… since I have a 1080 HD webcam… I’m going to just record on that for a while. Obviously; any vlogs I do will be on my iPhone.
  5. Now, as you can probably tell by the utter lack of anything behind me… I just moved into a new apartment. Since you last saw me, I’ve moved twice (including here). First into an effenciantcy that wasn’t bad on the inside and basically a crack den on the outside. Then with two weeks to find a different place… I ended up here. I’m sure I’ll get into that more in a future video. May more than one.
  6. So, yeah… no furniture other than a fold out table my computer is sitting on, a couple beach chairs I bought on special at Walmart, and an awesome air mattress that my brother bought me as a house warming present…since he knew I would have to buy one until I get my furniture back. My furniture is all in GA, but I will be getting it around the end of next week.
  7. Now… on to the topic of this video…
  8. In the “Goodbye YouTube” video I made it sound like the changes in YouTube’s algorithm was the reason I left the channel for a while.
  9. I wanted to try another platform (TopBuzz) and plus there were a lot of things going on that made doing videos more of a hindrance instead of this wonderful experience that I loved (and still love) to share. In other words… I had a lot of shit to work out and making videos for this channel had to take a back seat for while.
  10. Also, one of the main reasons is because I was making videos and started to realize that I was censoring myself and even losing myself; in terms of what I shared in videos. That’s never been me, so I had to step away from my channel to re-condition myself to just be me and getting back to sharing fearlessly.
  11. Now, don’t get me wrong… I still have a lot of shit going on, but now I can finally go back to creating content and re-joining this community that I’ve come to love so much. Now, having said that… I am still going to be sharing on YouTube and TopBuzz… not just one or the other.
  12. I am still in the midst of creating an online business/company and I’m even considering doing some things that I didn’t think I would do with that… such as coaching or mentoring on any and all the topics I am knowledgeable about. Yes… I know things 🙂
  13. I am so dedicated to my new company and business (complicated as it is in its entirety) that I’ve taken down and done a full stop on all of my other projects and income streams that I’ve built over the last several years.
  14. Anyway, I’m actually going to make a separate video or two about that later, so I’ll skip it for now.
  15. I am happy to say that I plan on trying to upload at least twice a week. I don’t know what days or times just yet, but for now I will tell you that it will be twice a week.
  16. Speaking of which… if you subscribe now and lick the bell to turn on notifications; then you won’t miss any of the great videos I already have in store… along with all of epic videos I haven’t even thought of yet, but are sure to be headed to this channel soon.
  17. I’ve been seriously thinking about sharing my poetry more on this channel too; since I am a published poet…and I really like and enjoy poetry…might as well share it here too. Let me know if you would be interested in those types of videos.

One final thing before I go. I type down notes when I do these videos. Not really a script but just numbered notes. I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to put the notes in the description box below each video. Maybe it will help with our communication and understanding the content of my videos.

Well… as the channel says, I’m Mostly In My Head, but twice a week I’ll be right here with you. So come back. Remember; you are who you choose to be and reality is a thing.

Bye for now.

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