End of an era my friends.
Here’s to another chapter.
Tnx for everything.

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101 thoughts on “LEAVING THE US..”

  1. My best wishes <3 It's the smart thing to do. One mistake and you will fuck up your life in the USA. Hopefully you'll get the good news fast 🙂

  2. Way to practice what you preach. You’re taking the high road, and I’d be willing to bet it works out for you. Hell you should have priority just for showing your willingness to follow the law. Thank you! I hope you can get back state side soon.

  3. Good on you for doing it the right way. It might be a little harder this way but I guarantee you at the end it will be worth it.

  4. Good you’re not a hypocrite. Now, come on my fellow men, we need to get this woman filing a fianceé visa, not just a work visa.

  5. Sorry to see you go. Hope you can return soon. Bright, beautiful, and strong of spirit – you will be missed. I hope you continue your videos from Slovenia. I wish you health, happiness, and prosperity in the future. Michael

  6. Please follow your dreams and do what you really want to do!!! Don’t end up working some crappy factory job, or any other job, you hate (like me) and one day find yourself turning 50 while wondering “What happened to my life!!!”

  7. Kudos to you for wanting to follow the law and do things legally. I sincerely hope that things work out with your visa situation. You are welcome here because you are the type of immigrant that makes America greater. Best wishes!

  8. Orig’ from England…. Will never go back, it doesn’t exist anymore. I’m now a US Citizen and live in TEXAS

  9. I’m sorry you are going through this Barb! I hope that you can come back soon and i comend your integrity!

  10. Barbara:

    Ignore the haters. I respect what you’ve chosen to do. Sweetie, I applaud you for following your dreams & your heart. God willing, you’ll be back soon in The States with us. Hugs!! (I’m a married woman, so my “Hug” comment was intended in the nicest way possible.) ☺️

  11. I remember reading something about if you marry an American citizen you can be a resident alien forever. Is that still true? When there are SO many Lonely American men here who would be absolutely delighted to have you to take care of Barbara, why couldn’t you marry one of us ? Why do you think we are not good enough for you?

  12. If you were an illegal alien you could pay 30 dollars for a SSN and stay here forever. I Hope you get a Visa!

  13. Youtube didn’t notify about the last 2 months of your videos. As someone who works with people who apply for visas, I understand how difficult it is to stay legally in the US.
    I wish you the best. I’ll try to watch Twitter & manually check your channel for updates. I’ll watch the rest of your videos to see if I can assist.

  14. Barbara, you have to go back to your country. US will no longer be a country for immigrants. Fact, the country that accepts immigrants will be annihilated. Look at the chaos in the countries of Latin America, where refugees have free access, all these countries are destroyed

  15. maybe uk would be ok for your career if you don’t get us visa since slovenia and uk are both still in the eu

  16. I’m always impressed with some people who speak English as their second language so good ,my Spanish is terrible.

  17. I’m a immigrant in Europe since I was 10, I’m also doing what I can to be a European citizen. I know laws are laws, I know a woman that her son worked in a big restaurant in new York and his visa was not renovated, he and his mother were really butt hurt about that, now he is over that and he is trying to coming to Europe. It’s about work hard to have a good and reach your goals.

  18. Thank you for doing the right thing and being a good example of following immigration policies and living what you believe.
    I think you’re cool and I like that you say what you mean and do what you say.
    I hope you do get to come back and fulfill your dreams and continue being awesome.

  19. Come to New Zealand. You’re young enough to get in easy on work or study visa, we want more population. If you have a job residency is easy.
    Easy step to Australia or USA from residency in NZ

  20. Barbara, you are a very rare bird,
    But fly you must ,as you sail through the winds of change, that at the moment carry you aloft, soon your inner compass will find the path you have set for yourself, and you will finally come to rest on an high branch overlooking all you have accomplished.
    Barbara, I have always respected your opinion, and love that you hold tightly to things you believe in.
    look at the trip home as a holiday. A time to reflect and see old friends and family in the homeland . Then come on back to the state’s refreshed and ready to fight the next battle.
    Thank you for sharing, it was hard for you to do this video.
    And it is much appreciated.

  21. You deserve citizenship.

    1. You don’t disrespect US law
    2. You have bothered to learn English sufficiently to talk American instead of demanding that people accommodate you by speaking and putting your language everywhere
    3. You respect the US as it is and don’t demand that it be more like Slovenia, and I’m sure you don’t do things that are unacceptable here that are acceptable in Slovenia and demand that Americans be “tolerant.”

    These are all things that the right opposes immigrants doing and Latin American immigrants do this more than others, and just because they happen to be brown, we get called “racist”

  22. 5:21 B. you’re adorable.
    Also, you are a perfect example of a person who knows her responsibilities. Most ppl aren’t responsible especially for their own actions…period.

    Btw…Barbara, I would totally marry you not because I want to help you but bc I totally would, not to sound like a creep and I am sure I am not the only one 😉

    Good luck. You will be back I just know. Good things happen to good people.

  23. Damn girl. That seems like not much to pack. In a couple of years all of california will be the shithole san francisco already is now. I doubt you’d want to return. Even acting business is degrading at an astonishing rate. No one should go all in on such a dream without a backup plan.

  24. Dear Barbara. I’ve been a fan of your work for a few months now and I’m really bummed that you must be leaving. I hope you do well where ever you find yourself. Joshua.

  25. Barbara, you are doing the right thing and I will say a prayer for you. I am sure your dreams will come true. Stay tough and you will be back soon.

  26. I have a friend who is from Croatia and she said it is hard to get visa even though she has family in US! It’s insane how the Us immigration system will grant visa for people who turn around and piss on the US! Yet they won’t give them to people who sincerely want to be proud us citizen

  27. I am sorry you are going thru this. I have a very good online German friend that went theu the sane thing. He lives in Germany now, but may come back. He lived here 12 years and had a hard time with getting a work Visa, but got one eventually.
    I really wish you well, and don’t worry about others. Good for you and your ideas. Very smart young lady. I wish we had more people like you here in the states. Godspeed to you.

  28. It ain’t over till it’s over. You’ll be back. In the meantime, you’ll make some great videos in Slovenia (and, I’ll bet, other parts of Europe).

  29. Simple solution – here’s a couple of ideas – legally change your last name to Gonzalez and go to Catholic Charities and tell them Donald Trump is giving you nightmares and you need help. You’ll have the power and money of the Vatican and an army of do-gooders who’ll bend over backwards to help you stay here. Or you might try becoming transgendered. Transgendered people are considered sacred cows and they get whatever they want. (you don’t really have to become transgendered. You only have to pretend to be transgendered, it’s not like anyone will demand to see your naked crotch). Fact is, they don’t want you here because you aren’t the preferred racial demographic. Plain and simple. However, I give you props for trying to do the right thing. Good luck.

  30. I feel you being a conservative in a liberal state myself except I am in the East Coast in New York City. I love this city but hate the liberalism. I hope Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get another term as governor because he will bankrupt this state. Keep persistent in your fight to win the permanent immigration status here in the United States and I hope you can become an American and continue in the U.S. I wish I were in the west or you come to the east so I can meet you some day. I also share your sentiment on illegal immigration and open borders and think that these are unfair policies. To me, these people are line jumpers and they need to get to the back of the line so that people legally seeking immigration with skills they can contribute can get citizenship.

  31. Yes you could have stayed as long as you were under review. I understand and appreciate the fact that you wanted to follow our laws. The negative comments are from people on the left that don’t understand how illegal immigration affects every country. Keep your head up. Always go for your dreams. I did and realized them after years of hard work. Most people think everything is handed to those that are successful. Hard work, morals and ethics are keys to success.

  32. We all admire you and are pulling for you. You are a woman of integrity, and I hope that our country will be fortunate enough to welcome you again in the very near future. I am a first generation immigrant myself, and it’s people like us who don’t take this country for granted who take the opportunities we are fortunate to get and run with them. You’ll be back. I know it. I pray for it. We wish you the very best. And why not continue your vlog series from outside the country? You will have a viewpoint unlike any other vlogger who lives in the United States!

  33. Hi Barbara, sorry you have to deal with liberal lunatic keyboard warriors! If you were face to face with them… they’d f’ing melt like tyke snowflakes THEY are. Need a sponsor? BARI CA and conservative. Love your brilliant mind, WE (CA’s Republicans) want and need more people like you. Offer stands but WE refuse to live anywhere near L.A.. Please come back and keep fighting! Much love! HATE to the haters, try me! I fight fire with FIRE!!! More like nuclear fire!

  34. If you’re going to be leaving us, at least show us your tits first.
    After all this time, I think we deserve to see them.

  35. Are there more people in Slovenia like you? I must go there! Good luck – hope you come back soon. Make some videos there so we can see the beautiful scenery your talking about .

  36. I can’t say I am surprised by your return to Slovenia…good luck for a safe return and a chance for the good life back in sunny Slovenia…near the beautiful Adriatic sea and the islands that dot the narrow span of coastline your petite nation now enjoys!

  37. Oh, lawyers are overrated in getting a Visa, volunteering for both parties off and on, fill out the paperwork and you will be rubber stamped going to a processing center personally. Your case worker with your visa can also give extensions. There are many people that will help you out once your on their radar and they know you. Lawyers add a disconnect. My ex was from Guyana and got permanent residency a year after her school visa expired. Though to be fair I had married her a year and half prior. Anyone that loves this country more than some naturalized citizens who were born here deserve the privilege. Definitely hope you get back and get the opportunity to stay.

  38. why , you have to leave is because you are white , hate to say this , but if you were from a 3ed world place and went on welfare and drive with no license get on pigbumma care , then you could stay , BUT pretty white women are a no no here / this will change in a few years and WILL be fixed.. FOREVER , sorry be safe .. love from the REAL U.S.A

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