Letting Go of a Bad Relationship

Letting go of a bad relationship is often one of the hardest things a person has to do.  Sadly, it is likely that we will all have to do it more than once in our lives.  It isn’t always a boyfriend or girlfriend that is the bad relationship either.  Bad relationships come in all forms.  It can be a relationship with a friend, a family member, or even a job or food.

Despite what people thought in the 80’s… “bad” is not another word for a good thing.  Simply put; they are called bad relationships for a reason. They are bad for you.  Any relationship with a person or object that isn’t helping to enrich and improve you or your life; isn’t worth the energy and time you are dedicating toward it.  Time and energy are two of the many things in this life that you will never get back; no matter what you say or do.  Time and energy are precious gifts and need to be used and cherished every moment of every day.

Letting Go of a Bad Relationship Is Healthy

Letting go of a bad relationship can almost instantly improve your attitude as well as your health.  Negativity and anything that brings you down in any way is toxic to your mind and  your body.  Emotional and mental health directly effect your physical health.  If the relationship you are in causes you negative emotions or chips away at your mental health… let it go for your own sake; as well as for the sake of those people in your life who love you and are positive influences in your life.

If you find it hard to let go of a bad relationship; give yourself a break and realize that it’s not suppose to be easy.  It takes strength of character to let go of something that is comfortable, but you know is harming you.  It’s never easy, but it is always something that you are capable of doing.  Get through each day and remind yourself that it is for your health and happiness.  You are very capable of getting through it and will be a better person as well as a happier person as you emerge out the other side.

Bad Relationships Poison Other Relationships Too

One bad relationship can change you in negative ways; causing other relationships to turn negative and sour.  Your mood is darkened and frustrations from one bad relationship could have you snapping at others; when normally you would not have.  Suddenly, your one bad relationship has created several relationships where you are the negative element.  That’s not you!  You are not negative or harsh!  You are amazing and have so much friendship and love to give!  Don’t let one negative thing poison all the great things in your life.

*If enough people are interested I’ll write more on this topic and maybe do a video on my YouTube channel*

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