Refugee$ in Slovenia getting vacation homes on the beach

What a world to live in.

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103 thoughts on “Refugee$ in Slovenia getting vacation homes on the beach”

  1. i few years ago i was in one of the largest forest fires ever, and just after i literally escaped 100+ft cyclones of flame that used to be trees, and driving through a wall of fire that boiled the paint on my car. I stopped for gas when i was out of town and had to wait in line for 4 hours and when i got to the pump the gas was priced at $57 a gallon, motel 8’s where $500 a night. Basically a huge “fuck you, i dont care” and price gouging everywhere within 50 miles. And these people get rose peddles and ice cream! Well to that i say ‘fuck NO!’
    This may sound sick and awful but there is money to be made off of this situation. there are things that would not be readily available in Slovenia that devout Muslims cannot live without. if you where to in some way facilitate the availability of such things, who’s to say how much a thing is worth?

  2. We were raped twice by our governments. I never consented to the bombing of these peoples countries. Why should i have to pay?

  3. Did the immigrants demanded all those things, they probably did not knew they could get?. I think the video would be better titled “immigrants will live in unused beach houses”. Btw if the food is an issue they should get them to poduce at lease some of that food.

  4. Sickening! They’ll turn it into a shit hole within a year.
    Benefits and a beach house. What’s next? A car? 🤨

  5. You are so cute and smart I wanna marry you!😉

    Mr Trump! Can I Please get a green card?
    I am a political refugee from sweden!
    I can not stand this crazy country anymore!!

  6. Barbara, not even a single non-European person should be allowed into a European homeland.
    We do not and have never needed their mentality or physical presence.
    We do not and have never wanted anything to do with their cultures (which are a joke in contrast to the endlessly dynamic beauty of European Civilization).
    Black Africans and Arabic Muslims are neither refugees nor “migrants,” and you know it.
    No one has the right to simply wake up one day and declare themselves to be a migrant or refugee, and then demand that they have a magical right to reside in a foreign, sovereign nation, where the native taxpayers will coddle and care for them while utterly neglecting their own people. You’ve seen the gumball immigration video, I presume.
    White dispossession and demographic replacement in our own homelands is happening, and has been happening since the mid 1950’s, because this is the goal of Jewish Cultural Marxism.
    The players include Jewish bankers, Jewish media owners, Jewish lobbyists and politicians, Jewish law firms, Jewish professors and administrators, and Jewish activist organizations throughout the West; their White cuckolds and puppets in government; and their informal troops (Blacks and Mexicans in the U.S., Muslims and Blacks in Europe, Australia, and Canada).
    Jews have also successfully lobbied for allowing the Chinese to literally purchase and colonize large parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and California. Can you imagine this happening in reverse to China? No, you can’t.
    Now, shall we talk about the Marxist role in South Africa’s horrific White genocide? Admittedly, Blacks are just behaving like Blacks behave everywhere when given an opening, but in S.A., Marxist (Jewish Bolshevist) tenets have constituted the ideological core of Black leadership for at least half a century now.

  7. All of our Caucasian nations are being deliberately colonized. They will continue to flood with the hope to destroy the West. Divide and conquer is (((their))) way! They will fail in the end but not before Europe is knee deep in the blood of their own. 🙁 Educate yourselves on history, (((media/entertainment/finance/academia/SPLC/ADL/Russian Revolution/Bolsheviks/Marx/Frankfurt School of Thought ))), rapist/slaver/raider/pedophile/thief/murderer, and overall piece of shit etc., muhammad. It’s easy to find people like Anthony Bourdain who talk about how great it will be that there won’t be any white people soon but he pushes his jewness with pride. How convenient to be Caucasian when its convenient yet view yourself as Caucasian.

  8. I wouldn’t even give a link to help them… they must be helped in neighboring countries or within their own country…

  9. Don’t allow this, here in Canada this Trudeau FOOL is putting them up in hotels here, and they are destroying the places in quick succession…….

  10. On Tourist page of my country Slovenia change the moto I FEEL SLOVENIA in WELLCOME IN SLOVENIA FREE HOLYDAYS ON SEE WITH FRESH ORGANIC FOOD only for MUSLIMS.

  11. i am so mad right now!i love in Slovenia and INSTEAD KF TAKING CARE OF SCHOOLS, PEOPLE THAT ARE HOMELESS AND BROKE PEOPLE THEY GIVE MIGRANTS LUXURY LIFE! that is not fair Slovenia will be no more in 50 years!

  12. That is why our police are shooting at them in Croatia. 11 killed for now in three events, attempting to illegally cross the border. The message if clear, “zero tolerance”, but idiots are still trying.

  13. Where can i find a 30 ish year old version of you???? If more women were like you Bardlbera, the world would be a much better place!

  14. Will Slovenia accept a refugee (me) from Colorado, USA? The old people’s homes are horrible here, terrible food and lots of neglect and expensive ($9,000/month). When my time comes, I’d like to seek asylum in Slovenia. I love the beach views. I am being persecuted by Antifa so I have legitimate grounds for asylum. Conservatives are being driven from our lands.

  15. maybe not the european governments, but the european people will soon revolt against migrants, it’s just a matter of time.

  16. Put the refugees in enclaves. surround it with barbwire borders, and enough millitary to ensure security for local population…It their(locals) GODGIVEN RIGHT to be SAFE!!

  17. se cudiste, pejte volit komuniste kot ste jih zadnja leta zabiti slovenci, zdej pa mate rezultate levicarjeu…zdej ste volili sarca in podobne bebce , zdej mate nazaj cel kup komunistou na vladi in se bojo take reci dogajale

  18. EVERYTHING is better with bacon!! Everything!! Everything is better without stinking muslims stinking up the planet to!

  19. The people of Slovenia sound like second class citizens with this. The economic migrants are getting loads of stuff for free and it’s better than what Slovenians are getting and they don’t get it for free.

  20. After the ww2 the Yugosav communist genocided milions of conservative man, making sure the country stays liberal forever. Two thirds of our voting population is leftist morons, while 50% of voting population doesent even vote. The country is flooded with gipsys and balcanians, because of the open borders, that is replaceing native populations. The doors are open for everone incluing the people from islamic Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. The socialist pice of shit scumbags are even lobying to get these people in the eu. And now they are wekoming these migrants like they are made of gold despite majority people even most leftitst are against it.

  21. That’s it. Either I’m moving to the US, given that the left doesn’t win the next election, or even better to China or Japan. The west is lost.

  22. Canada is becoming more Islamize and millions of tax dollars are going towards them all thanks to Justin Trudeau.

  23. Such a shame that the SDS wasn’t able to form a coalition. Then this would’ve been turned around. Ah well.. maybe things need to get a bit more worse, just like Italy, before more people vote accordingly.

    Italy has been through shit, and it took quite a lot for it to have a proper government. However, I wouldn’t be too worried since Slovenia isn’t really a country in which most migrant or refugees wish to stay. Poland for example took about a few hundred refugees in 2015. They all fled to Germany or other parts in western-Europe. So yeah, I wouldn’t worry to much about Slovenia either. Such a country will sort itself out. The future is in eastern-Europe. It’s western Europe’s that’s going to have a very interesting future….

  24. You’ve got to be kidding me. Wow. That’s really cruel to their own people who need help as well as kids in orphanages.

  25. I think this whole F*cked up refugee BS is getting more and more serious, and way too out of hand. My solution, Deport all of them Globally and ban islam!
    No, they don’t need any help

    1. Tom S. I think you are just paranoid. The numbers of refugees and muslims in Europe is not that much as you think it is.

  26. Well Barbara in Poland the government betrayed us to. I see more and more Muslims on the streets of the big cities in Poland.

  27. Haven’t been in Slovenia, but would love to visit… Not in that area though.. We have similar problems in my native Latvia- small country with lots of problems, but the government is willing to spend 60 mil on some stupid 100 year country celebration and at the same time it’s 11 € A MONTH child support.. That doesn’t apply for refugees of course! But they don’t wanna stay there anyway.. Good luck Slovenia!

  28. war solves these problems, you kill off about 25,000 to 250,000 and there is more room and more everything for every one after….this has always been the solution and always will be the solution no matter what happens. no government can control it. this is why they don’t want their citizens to have guns, it allows the people to say ” hell no bang bang”

  29. not agreeing with what government does … but damn this video is pure stupidity … you talking about stuff so you can get attention but clearly you don’t have a clue about this topic at all ..

  30. They give them the best but don’t demand that they get a job and work for it??? What is their plan?? Is it to rationalize them then ask them to leave in hopes that they take their rationality with them??? Or do they just hate their own people sooo damn much as to treat them this way. It’s moronic and sad

  31. At some point European citizens need to realize they’re governments habe been compromised and fight back any way they can

  32. Like the hat. Very cute…… Hmm… immigrants near children. Let the child raping begin. Maybe throw in a Catholic church just to make it worse.

  33. If the Left wins here in the USA, this is what will happen here. WHY DO YOU WANT THAT? LOOK INTO THE CRIME AND RAPE STATS TOO. NOT IN MY HOUSE. ❤️🇺🇸💪🇺🇸👍

  34. Damn do you take asians ? Cause that deal looks pretty good free food free homes free healthcare yeah that shit looks good

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