100 thoughts on “SAVE THE MEMES – Delete Article 13!!!”

  1. From Sweden to Malta and from Portugal to Cyprus people should revolt! #savememes

  2. or true about JEWS…what they doing now in middle east or how they coaporeted witch Germans to rob own people…

  3. It hasn’t been talked about becuase it doesn’t even sound like a real law.
    It’s. It’s Fuckingabsurd.

  4. The knowledge problem of central planning has alot of parallels with article 13. I see similarities but I cant name them specifically.

    Do you have a license for that shirt? Your family, your money, your sanity? If not, PAY UP OR DIE!
    That is the EU. DEATH.

  6. I love censorship. Censor me into the dark ages. I need people to think for me. I can’t wait to have retardation forced on me. Please make me retarded Google!

  7. With all do respect to you and your intelligence, fuck em kill the internet and get out and have a real life

  8. I believe in copyright, but this is going way beyond what even current copyright (in the US) allows. I mean, quoting a certain amount, hyperlinking, showing an area (such as your house, which may have many different products and art, outside on the street, which may show ads and architecture, etc.),and more should be allowed, or we can’t have freedom, news (at least from a variety of sources to choose from), and so much more. This is seriously f***ed up. Sharing.

  9. I’ve been on the internet since 1995. Considering what it’s become in 23 years (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Big Brothers, influencers, personality cult … and more …) and what we’ve become since. .. is it really worth saving the internet?

  10. Good luck enforcing it. Google shuts down there will be riots on the streets. Game servers shut down.. you will have everyone on he street protesting.
    Did it the first time this was brought to my attention.
    This shit will be the straw that broke the Camels back i think.

  11. Until these socialist/communist jerks are driven out of businesses and governments around the planet threats like this will continue to be a pain in the ass for people who value freedom from their wanting to control.

  12. I am with you Barbara, give me the “wild west”, “survival of the fittest”, or more fittingly “liberty or death”. The reason that America is an exceptional country is because WE the people ACTUALLY own it, Article 13 is a scheme to make money (or tax-the same thing) from something that works just fine already. When someone makes more money than the original, they OBVIOUSLY added something (even if it is a beautiful face and nice b00bs-no offense), it is the American way!!!

  13. the number thirteen is a unlucky number or however you say that. The article has the number thirteen. Coincidence? I think not

  14. Well I wonder how well that will work out with the populist governments in the Easter europe who have been a thorn on Germanys side. Keep letting the unelected EU leaders oppress the people of Europe, something will eventually break and start revolt against the unelected politician of the Superstate of the European Union.

  15. article 13 is fake and the person who made the original video is an alt right asshole and all the sources they used are sites associated with the alt right , and the actual article 13 is just about not allowing fake news articles

  16. All this because of people crying over their “intellectual property” for how many years and now it’s going to bite them in the butt + ruin the fun & spread of information for everyone.

  17. You make me laugh, Barbara!
    But on the serious side…I really appreciate your reporting on the Balkans with your personal insight and a considerable amount of research. (that area is so beautiful) I have visited Croatia and Montenegro…but not Slovenia or Serbia yet.
    Keep doing what you do so well!

  18. Just like every other thing, affirmative action, feminism, MeToo movement, this EUCD has good intentions. Mainly to avoid piracy and ensure nobody steals your revenue. But there’s several authors, artists, music artists who say that they want their work to reach farthest possible. Because though it might lose them some cash, everybody knows their name and their name is a brand. Still, in a bid to do good, EU is willing to eat up as much harmless factions as possible. And with these news corporations, it seems like its a threat. Because with the internet, people like Barbara or anyone could pick up an article and discredit it with few searches on Google. The press is losing its credibility. And if the EUCD (EU Copyright Directive) gets through, the news spectrum will be akin to 1944 Russia.

  19. This agreement will turn the mass media industry into the oil and petroleum industry. Controlled monopoly, shared between a handful of corporations. It may protect copyright (as if that’s not misused enough) but it will also increase fake news, because news will be harder to verify. Imagine if there was only CNN and FOX News. Both will keep each other in check, but both are garbage propaganda machines.

  20. just boycott youtube and unfriendly internet sites eg facebok, google, etc.
    we have to go to other platforms or set up some ourselves.

  21. I think copyright has gone amuck.

    Disney productions and Tolkien estate _seem to_ have contributed.

    An author or his heirs are not supposed to be able to control everything what is being said (even commercially) about the author or about his characters. Now, I am not trying to make money out of my Chronicle of Susan Pevensie, I am using characters by CSL, JRRT, Enid Blyton, not yet out of copyright, as well as by Chesterton and Conan Doyle, but it would seriously be over the top to stop me from even making money over observing sth on Tolkien’s attitude on industrialism (as per On Fairy-Stories) or on Franco / Azaña (as per Letters), or to state my value system was influenced by CSL, JRRT, GKC and Belloc and then essays which do not even include any open reference to Tolkien being an excuse to stamp me as copyright thief and a blogger who should never get printed.

  22. God damn it Romania, why the fuck did you have to join the EU? Oh wait I forgot that our great politicians only breath money and most of the people are retarded…

  23. Love your video’s Barbara but could you close the bottom and middle drawers please. OCD is a bitch. 🙂

  24. Now its article 13! Omg, this censorship crap is getting really real, what can be done to stop these cretins getting their way? What can be done?

  25. The FCC is destroying free and open internet in the states too , There are too many greedy dame politicians trying to control everything guess that doesn’t change no matter what country we live in!

  26. Barbara, you’re already demonetized. Just curse! Say “fuck”! I know you want to! Come on! Be yourself xD

  27. It’s very simple… get some creative people together with some programmers and create a program that will randomly generate clauses for every situation, every variation, every posture, every word and then put them on a site and claim copyright. It’s called, jamming the system.

  28. Just curious as to how many stupids are being hatched every second now? We must prevent breeding of all sorts as we all need to just fade away in silence.

  29. I dont give a fck
    I will upload what I want to

    euro parliament
    maybe think what you are doing the next time 🙂
    Taking the whole freedom of people in the internet
    Is a bad idea and can cause a big mess

  30. 1 : the EU menace
    2 : wars of the meme
    3 : the revenge of EU
    4 : a new meme
    5 : EU strike back
    6 : the return of the meme
    7 : the meme awaken
    8 : the last meme

  31. June 8th?, much better, I love all of your videos, but I really want to see a 4th of July video before I make a Pay Pal move. I want to make sure you are still alive and with no dude, otherwise, your dude can take care of you and you basic needs, we men, that is what we made for, to love and protect you, with all of our hearts. Barbie, you make me dream.

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