Slovenia could become a hotspot for 50.000 “refugees”

I’m sorry I pretty much yelled 3/4 of this video, I get a bit carried away. It’s the Slav in me. :’)



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129 thoughts on “Slovenia could become a hotspot for 50.000 “refugees””

  1. Pozdrav iz Slovenije. Upam! Res upam, da bodo meje čim prej zaprli!!! Kr drugače sva že dva Barbara, ki bova stala ob meji in jo branila z lopato in kladivom🙂

    1. So why you parasite barbarian are conquering us white people if we are stink for your taste fucking moron ?

    2. ja tezava nastane da se nimamo dejansko s cim brant kokr z palco… u najbolsm primeru bomo sprical migrante z cisternami usi fantje u vojsko al pa k policiji edina sansa

  2. Pity Slovenska isn’t run by Australian Slovenskis – we’d set the armed forces onto the monkeys in a heart beat, fuck ’em right up and not think twice about it either.

  3. dejansko si mi bila simpatična in objavljala objektivno vsebino do objave tega videa. ostani kjer koli že si, res ne razumem, kako si lahko tako ozkogleda. #sad

  4. Barbara4u2c
    WOW! Maybe it is something in the YOUTUBE algorithm, or something, but look at what video I was recently directed to:

    She is ANOTHER person from solvenie, and she is in ENGLAND, LONDON ENGLAND! She has PERSONALLY seen the attacks there, and is planning on going back to slovenia!

    It will be interesting to see where slovenia is in a decade. The US first lady was born there, it has gotten a lot of mention in the press, the danish girl mentioned it, in her usual positive and yet comedic way–wDM

    , and you guys are all coming out of the woodwork(NO derogatory impression meant). I really hope I can see it in its splendor some day! Over 20 years ago I promised I would go to europe every year, and I NEVER went back. 8-(

  5. When do we start just… killing these invaders? How long till the frog is boiled?

  6. Bullshit. To start with the shooting – check Croat media – reports are not there before 6.6. 2018 – so even the side which has no interest in Slovenian nationalistic fears is not reporting on the date that you are mentioning (Prove me wrong). Fear from new migration wave was reported 19.3.2018 by Zurnal 24 – and month later the panic started and most of the main media opened the question of new migration wave – maybe you should do bit more google search, or use all media equally and not just pro-SDS propaganda) . So from this perspective, it took you long to figure out. Out of your statistics 33+8+8 is approx. 50% – what is the other 50%. I traveled trough Serbia and Croatia in 2015, 2016 and a month ago (compared to previous situations where migrants were not even hiding, this time there was no people around the highway waiting for night to come to cross the border – I am not saying that nothing is going on, but I am pointing out that the scale is way different in 2018 compared to 2015, 2016).
    Now, Slovenia is very diverse country with traditional 15% of non-Slovenians (your migration fears not included), has complex economy from hi-tech, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, even some petrochemical industry and all other forms of economic activities. Do not mislead people – there is no simple life with 5% agriculture and predominantly urban population (in some cases the only simple thing is mentality of certain people – living in the cities and thinking like hillbillies). Comparing Ljubljana to LA is moronic at least (just as much as on the country scale + it is very hard to get comparable statistics, due to different classifications but anyway USA murder rate 2017 is 3,7 per 100.000 inhabitants while in Slovenia 0,97 – so you are about 4x more likely to get killed in USA than in Slovenia; additional – most of the murders are committed (or ordered) by Slovenian citizens).
    Back to the migration issue. As such proud Slovenian maybe you should stay in the country, it is easy to be proud from abroad (was Slovenia too rural for you???). Because that part makes you only hypocritical migrant (I was around, I still work abroad, and I still live in Slovenia; so I have some clue what I am talking about).

  7. politicians and media journalists are traitors, same thing happened and still happening in italy. I hope you have still the balls to raise up.


  9. What you need right now is a machine gun, not a shovel and hammer. Those you will need later to restore your beautiful country after the muslim hordes have passed through.

  10. Croatia has a thousand kilometers long border with Bosnia, It is not possible to set a fence, especially in the mountains. The only option is to activate the whole army, tens of thousands of soldiers and put them at the border, what would be considered a “state of War” ( 91′ again ). Slovenia and Hungary does not have this problem. And of course that Muslim migrants can not stay in the 92% Roman Catholic country that has only five mosques and does not think to build them at all. Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria must work together, or they are fucked, because if Muslim migrants enter Croatia ( sent from Serbia and Bosnia again ), they will not stay in Croatia. That is a fact. We already have few thousands and that is enough. Merkel wants them, send them to her.

  11. I remember all the mass graves discovered after the civil wars caused when Yugoslavia broke up. Might be time to restart that to deal with your new “invaders” problem?

  12. Them afghan dudes gonna play their traditional rapegame w/ yo lil body, use a point of yo showel to stick into yo eye, so u dont dare to move

  13. Hello pretty lady I have not seen your videos in about 2 weeks I dropped my iPad and It shattered into a million pieces. But now that I downloaded YouTube on my cell phone I’m able to watch your videos again, By the way how come every time I subscribed to your channel I don’t get notifications of new videos when I go back and check it’s not lit up in Gray it’s lit up in red like I never subscribed do you have any idea why that is happening are you under attack from YouTube?

  14. I cannot go into great detail all I can tell everyone here is this invasion by these immigrants is done by design it’s not an accident it’s not a fortune it is done by design from the only people that is the Jews. You can try to fight it but they have basically more control over all the government around the world and bank control around the world and media control around the world what is happening is biblical Armageddon is getting closer to of the seals have been broken this 5 more to follow before the war begins all I can tell you is study your Bible don’t read it study and what it means keep your faith there’s only one way to heaven and that’s to God Jesus Christ prayed to him and repent you will be saved Amen.

  15. What the Slovenes need to do is build themselves some airplanes that are similar to the ” Stuka” dive bomber used in World War II.
    This thing had a siren and even though it only carried 1 bomb, when the people on the ground heard it, saw it dive and hit something with impressive accuracy . You guys could stop people moving or get them to run away by bombing bridges and railroad tracks and get them to retreat without actually killing too many people.

  16. A sad kukate a mi kad smo kukali na siptare navijali ste za siptare ……samo nek vam se skupljaju da vidite malo kako je to

    1. Juga je bila diktatura, gde nisi mogao da čuješ pravu informaciju. Ko je tada znao šta se ustvari dogadjalo? Mediji lažu, uvek.

    2. Velika je razlika između ovih naših Europskih Muslimana i ovi što dolaze iz Afrike, Bliskoga Istoka. Velika.

    3. jel e pa ovi prvi su oteli parce nase zemlje i izbacili sve Srbe sa Kosova … that i ovi drugi hoce da imaju svoj deo ne vidim razliku

    4. Misliš muslimana Slovena? Oni jesu više miroljubivi ali isto tako su odlazili u ISIS. Tako da na duži rok oni če se isto tako radikalizirati. U Sloveniji več tražu status manjine tražu halal i šariju i neče da govore slovenski.

    5. Da, takozvani “Slavenski Muslimani”. Velika je razlika između “naših” ( Europskih ) i ovih iz Afrike, Bliskoga Istoka. I to je činjenica. Ništa drugo nisam rekao.

  17. See how you like it, far too many of you living in uk. Take you loser people back. Solvanians are fucking up north of England. Jobless wankers

  18. They probably took weeks to arrive at our British shores, they would have been freezing cold, exhausted and starving on arrival.. That wouldn’t have bothered them at all, because they came to invade, take over and plunder ! .. Its basically the same today as it was back then in the days of Viking invasions, but at least we would known about it due to fact that half a dozen massive wooden ships just pulled onto our shores carrying hundreds of angry roaring Norsemen.. But we had the option of defending our country, not like today where the invaders are greeted in open arms.. while we are threatened with prosecution just for speaking out about the immigration problem.. How times have changed ( for the worse ) . .

  19. While I do not agree on Serbia signing an agreement with Iran, I have to ask what does that have to do with so called refugees who all come from all other countries but Iran. I have to call bs here and say that instead of trying to really report on the situation, you’re kind of sprinkling your story with fear-mongering and Balkan’s ‘favorite scapegoat’ since the 90s, Serbia. You’re missing the point. Austria said that it will sand troops to the boarders while at the same time congratulates Serbia on ‘accepting’ so many refugees. Basically, they don’t care as long as those people are not on their borders and soon they will be, since Serbia is not that well off. We have to look at the big picture here and understand that we at the Balkans are left to deal with this shit on our own. We have to get together and pressure our governments to sit down and come up with the solution. Frankly, all these so-called refugees don’t file for asylum in either Greece, Macedonia, Serbia or Croatia. Those countries are not their final destination. Since they don’t file for asylum we have the right to trow them out but it has to be organized effort. Even if they file, many of them are not eligible. So, let’s pressure our governments to sit down and solve this.

  20. Kva pa vm dela bolniki.. Punca, zresn se.. Probi zganjat aktivizem proti vojnam ki jih zacenja drzava iz katere objavljas glupe videe, vojnam ki so povod za masovne migracije, pa ti bo hitr jasn kako se pocutit k begunc

  21. On 26th of June Austria is going to gather PUMA special unit on the border to see if they are going to be able to stop the potential wave of immigrants coming from Slovenia towards Austria.. I dont see anything wrong with that, but why dont we unite and defend Schengen border together? Slovenian & Austrian army/police..?

  22. Tkole sm res vesela, da sm soma iz osrednje Slovenije. Ker tole kar se dogaja v Beli krajini….. 😕

    Super video! 👌👏

  23. Poleg tega ti čestitam, da bereš Nora24TV, kjer pretiravajo ziher 140 na uro. Živim ob meji, pa ni zaenkrat še nobene panike in vse je pod kontrolo. Tistih 50000 migrantov iz Bosne pa že 6 dni potuje do Slovenije, verjetno so se ustavili še na hrvaškem morju, da se malo posončijo. Ne ga srati s politiko, ker izpadeš dotalen debil .

  24. Skratka: zelo nas je lahko sram, da mora Barbara iz LA-ja osveščati apatične, zmanipulirane, prestrašene Slovence. Pri nas skorajda ni junaka, ki bi se izpostavil in rekel bobu bob! No – nekaj nas je, ampak smo zasramovani, zaničevani in diskvalificirani. Vsebina skoraj vseh mojih pesmi se zelo ujema z Barbarinim mišljenjem, zato jih slovenski MSM ne predvajajo:
    BARBARA! Čestitam ti za odločnost in ker sem tudi jaz opazil, kakšna so tvoja čustva med pripovedovanjem o tistem kladivu – tale je zate:

  25. Slovenia is ok, don’t listen to this stupid blond, when you see nova24 links just delete its retard TV.

    1. If you were smart you’d be reading and listening to both sides, doing some research and only then make your own conclusions bcs the truth is always somewhere inbetween. Yes Slovenia is ok – for now – but you never know what the future will be like. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best!!

  26. I am strongy against immigration or refugees and the left for that matter, but the truth of the matter is until Jansa doesn’t retire from politics right wingers will never win here. He is imploding the entire faction just by his presence. Besides the guy has fingers far up the cookie jar. I cannot vote for such a rightwing option. We have no real nationalistic option as of present day here…

  27. Pri meni okoli hiše ne bo nobeden hodil in vsiljeval šarijo in gnilega alaha, ker ga bom takoj poslal k njemu! Nabavite si svinjsko kri in glave, ker tega golazen ne mara! Če bodo posiljevali jih bomo obesili! Z golaznijo je treba ravnati kot z golaznijo….

  28. First thing first more then 90% people in america are immigrants from all over the world… They also accepted you in america didnt they?
    Accept them give them jobs and they will make a life…

    1. First thing first ….you obviously do not distinguish legal from illegal. Huge difference!!
      And what jobs?? There’s almost no jobs and people who are already there are struggling to survive on minimum wages!! Many of those comming in illegally don’t even want to work, they just like free european money –
      This is not ordinary migration, this is invasion! Please, do some research before trying to be smart and giving advice to honest hardworking people!.

    2. And also they won’t get a job if they don’t speak slovenian … student from other countries who come to study here don’t get a job neither will immigrants

  29. For one thing, you’re right… we’re not very diversified. And that’s precisely why we need them… to “diversifiy” dumbfucks like you! They may even put burqas on your gobs… such a great idea… and if they miss any of you, I’ll do it myself!

    Now, take your pills babe and go to bed… it’s gonna be allright 😀

  30. I am saying this for years.. You forgot on Sweden & France! The POLICE cover up everything! The Highest RAPE GANS …there are fully truly NO GO ZONES there.. and their national TVs don’t report this! the numbers are much higher… none of them coma from a WAR Zone (like Syria)!
    The LIBERALS/ LEFTISH / NGOs/ GLOBALIST / MAIN STREAM MEDIA are the = Immigrant MAKERS a round the GLOBE… . so, that they will then – VOTE for this LEFT Governments – as they achieved all their rights for free… .. USA have the sam problem with Mexican a& South Americans…
    Thanks God, that Italy & Austria woke up! for free.

  31. Fucking dumb bitch. If you come here, I’ll personally kick your fucking ass back to US, you twat.

    1. I do, except not to you, fuckface.
      *I showed you that I can silence your fucking mouth if I want.*
      Butthurt much? Ohhh… that’s too bad.
      Now go suck your fathers dick or I’ll cut your head off and piss down your throat, you fucking cunt.
      🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕 🖕

    2. *What’s up, bitch? Can’t fit your fat ass in your fucking kayak? Well… you weren’t any good, so no loss there.*

  32. There is a twist in this, since 8k+ (mostly young and well educated) Slovenians leave their country (per year) for the past 5 years and before that it was 4k+, it cant be such a great place to live (and evidently it wasn´t before the migrant crisis). This are only legal numbers of the people that denounced their tax status, there is a higher gray number. Sure it is nice to be in LA and piss about foreigners not being welcome in a country you left to be yourself a foreigner elsewhere, tiny bit hypocrite. So while there has to be rules and we all have to strive for solutions to all crisis, the migrant crisis in Slovenia is more about how many are moving out than coming in to seek refuge from threats to their life: if the exodus in Slovenia continues in 5 years a country, with a workforce of 600k and a public apparatus of 100k minus a 8k outflux, will be bankrupt. With good strategy the influx of 1,5k (official numbers) should be kept and integrated as soon as possible, Slovenia desperately needs workers/tax payers. And Jansa is a sentenced arms smuggler, his fight about “who won” the 2nd WW is pathetic, he is part of the problem not the solution. Why is Orban in Slovenian politics, if you are against foreigners aren´t you also against Hungarians, they are not part of any language group in Europe?

  33. Talking about politics and has no clue about it. You could be talking about the head of the SDS being locked up due corruption, calling journalists “expandable whores” via Twitter, and more. But no, you congratulate him. Lol, Barbara, I thought you are actually decent, until now.

  34. I appreciate your affection towards our beloved hmmm (*) … well, OK, our beloved country, but you shouldn’t trust Janša too much in this regard. He never, EVER does anything he says he’s gonna do. As soon as he’s in power, communists steal the state from him the very moment he looks away for a minute. And from then on, he yaps, and complains, and weeps about the red stars and country-stealing communists. Some excuse, eh?

    Well, anyway… you don’t need to defend our beloved country with shovel and hammer. If you really want to defend it, defend it with a sickle and hammer, like our fathers and grandfathers did. Commies like myself never had any trouble with immigration, and it turned out just fine. Without immigration, there would be about 10-20% less of us right now.

    BUT: Immigrants are expected to assimilate, work hard, study hard, and pay our taxes. If not: Fojbizacija. Pfffh… Looks like we are destined to perform genocides on behalf our ultra-civilized Western European brethren.

    (*) The oldest people I knew were imposed upon with 4 or 5 (depending of WWII status) different citizenships within their lifetimes without moving anywhere. The oldest denizens of western Slovenia, Istria, and Kvarner islands were born as Austro Hungarians, then they became Italians, then Yugoslavians, and finally Slovenians or Croats. It’s kinda hard to develop loyalty to such short lived states or empires.

  35. Dober post, dobro predstavljena situacija/nevarnost, samo ne vem kaj je bilo sporočilo? Da gremo vsi na meje z lopatami? Da bi mogl podpret koga, ki zagovarja “zaprtje” južne meje? Ljudem dvignt krvni pritisk? Spodbudit debato o temu problemu? Lahko v naslednjem videu predlagaš rešitve 🙂 would be nice

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