Stay Calm Be Awesome… Simple Mantra to Be Happier

Almost every situation you find yourself in life can be improved by simply going by a “stay calm be awesome” mantra.  Instead of allowing other people’s negative attitudes to bring you down, just stay calm and maintain your composure.  You are better than that, so don’t let them bring you down.  Misery loves company, but nobody said that company had to be you.  No matter how a person is talking or how negative they are acting, be awesome toward them.  Their negativity is trying to pull you in, but if you simply breathe slow and steady; and then be your awesome self toward them, maybe; just maybe… you can pull them into your positivity instead.  So; stay calm be awesome and lift that person up to a better day, rather allowing them to bring you down.

The truth is, you are already awesome.  You are an incredible creation and an endless potential supply of friendship, love, and understanding.  All you need to do is remember that very fact whenever situations come that may want to pull you down.

Every human being on the planet has days or even little moments when it almost seems that no matter what you do; it goes wrong.  Tires go flat on the car, a drink spills on you right after you get dressed, traffic is hectic or backed up for miles, or any number of tons of events that are undeniable skid marks in your day.  You can get angry or frustrated and begin to turn negative; or you can just “stay calm be awesome” and only focus on the aspects that you can change.

Even if you are stuck in a situation where you simply can’t change any external aspect… you can ALWAYS change how you react and what you allow yourself to feel about it.  You can just sit back and breathe; then keep calm as you begin to realize that this small event in your life…won’t end your life.  Minutes, hours, and days will continue to pass; and soon enough, this event will be nothing more than a memory or a story you tell at parties.  Situations and other people can’t break you… how you react and choose to live in the world is all that matters.

Thank you for reading this post.  Remember; stay calm be awesome… always.

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