Letting Go of a Bad Relationship

Letting go of a bad relationship is often one of the hardest things a person has to do.  Sadly, it is likely that we will all have to do it more than once in our lives.  It isn’t always a Continue Reading

Putting Your Finger In Her Mouth… Stop That

Let me start by saying, I am well aware of how odd of a subject this is to be writing about…but oh well.  Do you realize how dumb it is to put your finger in her mouth, Guys?  It happens Continue Reading

Shave Pubic Area-Men Should Shave Pubes Too

Guys… and I do mean “guys.”  A lot of us love when a woman shaves down below, well; men should shave pubes too.  I know, for some just the words, “Shave Pubic Area” are enough to send them running and Continue Reading

What Exactly Does First World Problems Mean

By now most everyone has heard it at least once or twice, but; what exactly does first world problems mean?  As odd as this may sound… the fact that you don’t know what it means… is part of the concept Continue Reading

A Problem in the Shadow

Have you ever had something bothering you; bringing you down to such a low level and mindset, that it almost hurts inside?  Something you can’t touch.  Some small beast that seems to lurk and creep just below your surface?  You Continue Reading