The cost of open borders: Spain


Spanish students forced out of their houses to make room for Aquarius migrants


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103 thoughts on “The cost of open borders: Spain”

  1. España.. estáis locos, tios? Are you crazy my dudes?
    Yeah franco fucked spain up but these guys are much worse.
    I think the balkans should be several videos but the countries (maybe 2 or 3) that are related in one video

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for doing what the mainstream media won’t do, and that is showing the true cost of open borders.

    I just saw a story on HBO yesterday, talking about Italy’s new government, now taking an Italy First approach, and of course all the liberals are bashing them like they bash Trump, because ??? Who knows why? It doesn’t make sense to me to have open borders without any control, because the consequences have been proven over and over again.

    Those who don’t learn from history, are destined to repeat it.

    Please keep doing what you are doing.

    Love you, and the channel.
    Lynn M.

  3. Hi Barbara, the Socialists are a disgrace and will offer everything to the migrants to gain votes and stay in power. My countrymen seem to have lost their mind to political correctnes. Meanwhile 50% of our youth are unemployed. My blood boils.

  4. Somebody needs to sneak into George Soros mansion (which contain no refugees or economic migrants) and give that bastard a swift kick to the face with a steel toe capped boot, and then put a lovely silver bullet into the back of his handicapped fucking head.

  5. I wish Barbara would ban the commenter known as B.R. (Bo Rood).

    He’s just a hateful and deranged spammer and needs to go.

  6. These are sub-Saharan, violent, muslim MALE illegal economic migrants. They should be shot at the border or their boats towed back to Tunisia and Libya.


  7. Spain sounds a lot like the democrats in the USA who want illegals to be able to vote because they know illegals
    will vote democrat. Hmmmmm, aren’t most of USA’s illegals latino and aren’t latinos basically,
    originally of Spanish heritage with a bit of native south American mixed in.

  8. Anyone that doesn’t have a problem with migration get their address that’s where those people should go so they can take care of them.

  9. I expect Spain thinks that the EU will bail them out when trouble starts. They haven’t learnt a thing from the distruction of the rest of Europe.

  10. There is NOTHING Nazi about wanting to preserve the integrity of your own country’s economy and stability. Why do people want to come to another country in the first place, if not to benefit from that economic stability that they are lacking in the countries they are fleeing??? Don’t most countries have a process for accepting and assimilating migrants anyway? Ugh! Don’t get me started….. Well stated as always, Barb! 👍

  11. Think of all the government jobs for the new government workers. With the average IQ being 70 in Africa it won’t be long before the only government Spain can ave is a centralized non-democratic dictatorship with no rights to liberty property or life itself.

  12. Hey get ready Europe for more 400,000 refugees from Maldives it was officially stated by the president of Maldives that the country would go under water in 1 or 2 years and they are muslim and they have Sharia law in their country oops Europe

  13. A United States of Europe was always bound to fail bc the politicians in Brussels wanted Europeans to see a common identity as Europeans. However, over a thousand years of history behind each nation-state and the people within them show that can never happen. This is best show when an external force threatens member states. The EU doesn’t rally to support one another but instead looks to protect their own nation-state and there is nothing wrong with that!

  14. let me tell you about Spain , I’ve been there at 2007 and my biggest surprice was that an arabic song was no 1 in their “hit lidt” of that time . mofern spanish people see themselves mostly as Arabs with a christin church and about 10 millions see them selves as Jews ( who ofcourse hate Israel ) so they are not in a sane mind – those spanirds

  15. Thanks so much for the video about my country Barbara. We have a very big problem with our current president, which is a stupid guy that sold his soul to catalonian NAZIonalist, basque separatist, Merkel, Soros and the communist party of Podemos. We’re pretty fuck at the moment and being rule by an illegitimate govern

  16. I believe that the thought process is that refugees will be a slave labor force. Those “refugees” want the best things because they are better than that.

    Nazi politics are liberal politics… btw…

  17. This is exactly why the United States of America. Will not be a open boarders or a migrant shit hole.and Barbara ignore these snowflakes that say your racist or whatever word that they think of if you think about it usually the ones screaming racist or whatever are the ones that are racist or whatever ..great videos keep it up..

  18. Rest in peace Spain.
    Once a country kicking out the mudslime invaders from their country now has the door open to their bedroom to get willingly buttraped.
    Such a shame.

  19. The Irish will take them to ferry navy land on an Irish boat get a paper passport welfare and your Irish, any African can understand Me. Granny sold the goat She demands new teeth welfare a new house, Racist Granny called them the white Irish wants uncle Finbar and his brothers and cousins to live with her in her new big house, don’t be racist. Welfare is for all Granny says.

  20. Italy has closed its borders, meanwhile the Prime Minister of Spain Rajoy has been fired and replaced by the non-elected socialist Sanchez, who wants to take off so graciously barbed wires in the south border. Last but not least, Sanchez had a meeting with this cancer for humanity named Soros.

  21. Remember when we were getting statistics suggesting something like 70% were young men (ie. “fighting age”). Some of these boats seem to be young men only. At this point, I think even the pro-migrant people have realized that these aren’t really refugees. Somewhere along the way they changed the argument from “lets help the refugees” to “lets abolish borders”.

  22. is cool ur covering it at all. maybe you could throw in who is funding these protest sooo we can see the puppet masters behind the curtain sooo we can get to the root of the problem sooo we can pull it up. just saying. other wise…

  23. Im from Spain, concretely from Basque Country. And I can say that media makes up things like everybody wants to invite mass inmigration. But is not that way at all. The thing in Spain is that everything that relates with conservadurism is asociated with fascism. And here there´s a big sense of guiltinnes towards conservadurism because of our history.
    There´s is a quote of Otto Von Bismarck who said: ‘I am firmly convinced that Spain is the strongest country of the world. Century after century trying to destroy herself and still no success.’
    That sums up pretty much our cultural self hate. Wich, obviously, I don´t agree.

  24. Interestingly, I got the notification for this video, though I think you have posted others that I didn’t get notified for. Unfortunately, I understand quite well why these people are demanding policies that will destroy their countries. Their high school teachers and college professors are very powerful and influential people, and all these young people who are transitioning from being obsessed with Katy Perry actually giving a shit about politics and social issues are stupid enough to believe everything that their teachers tell them, and they will protest in favor of those bad ideas because their teachers taught them to care. Behold the angry mob of useful idiots.

  25. One of these days Europe will follow Austria/Poland/Hungary/Italy’s lead. Keep up the good work Barbara

  26. You should decide on the next video based on the content. Does each country have enough unique content to justify their own videos or would you be repeating yourself?

  27. Italy, Spain, and Greece should exit EU. Let Germany and France deal with this problem. After all, both these countries were supporting ISIS, weren’t they?

  28. They have a huge aids problem in Africa . Did they even think of that ?? I just don`t understand why you would allow your government to destroy your own country . This will affect the whole world in time .

  29. Well, if 20% is on welfare, what do these people think will happen to their welfare check after this invasion? They’ll get less money from the state _(If you have to share a pie with a couple of people you get big slices, the more people you get, the smaller the slices)
    And what will happen to healthcare? It goes up.

  30. So basically Africa and the Middle East are doing to Europe what Central and South America are trying to do to the United States.

  31. The current population of Africa is 1,288,043,290 as of Saturday, July 7, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. What problem could migration possibly solve?

  32. The rich oil Arab countries are paying the Spanish govt big money to let in Muslim ‘refugees’.And once a Muslim presence is in the country they begin measures to Islamasize that country on lots of different fronts which includes jihad.The left wing govts actually want this to happen because it means a slow dismantling of western democratic and capitalist systems of govt which the left really hates.The left loves Islam because Muslims protect their communities and their ideology…in similar ways to the communist ideal.

  33. I honestly don’t care about western Europe. But immigrants in eastern Europe is not justice at all.
    These countries are poor and non aggressive in past unlike western European countries. They must make their own economic and millitary block to stop this madness. Otherwise they have to leave Europe to America, Australia and other non hostile but welcoming and sane countries and wait until immigrants kill each other or starve to death.
    I don’t know if my opinion is right or wrong, but I tried to explain possible ways to tackle the situation. Poland can lead this block of eastern European countries.

  34. i am curious how migrants will do in the balcans. People there are very friendly and great hosts. But they are often poor themselfs and if you try to screw they over, they might cut throat you. Just saying

  35. We don’t have jobs! Send us your unemployable radicalized Muslim men who have no intention of integrating into society, but want the gibs. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  36. EU-GESTAPO is killing Europe …. IT should fall apart and every country is on its own again …. Then we cab fight that warmongering Islam and all those fucking monkies coming over for a free life

  37. Spain was complaining about its healthcare not being able to cope with its own people yet they say they are going to add 800,000 illegal immigrants for free ?
    What the fuck ?

  38. I am from Brazil ,Socialism destroys everything , it is so clear to see , we have a lot of examples: Venezuela is the example in South America and Brazil is going to the same destination if the next president that will be chosen this year had socialism ideals .

  39. Africans immigrate to western nations to destroy their culture of secularism an democracy and on the other hand they murder and slaughter white south africans in south africa to capture their houses and property .

  40. It’s amazing how Barbara and the rest of us with common sense have a far higher IQ level than all these mentally disturbed leaders combined. How can leaders not realize the long term impact that will happen over the next 50 years??? Don’t they realize overpopulating peaceful and secure civilized countries leads to the worst things imaginable???? When uneducated and unvetted migrants and illegals are invited and encouraged to come by stupid leaders, they will come. That’s why America is lucky a REAL president was elected to stop the problem and the result is a dramatic drop in the number of people trying to come to America illegally. Other countries should follow his lead. Now Canada has a prime minister who is also inviting and encouraging illegals to flood across their borders and the Canadian people are furious. It’s pure insanity why leaders want to create new problems

  41. The socialists are the puppets from the globalists. The average citizen, is a weakminded. People give what they got in the heart. What do you expected, Marilyn Manson predicating the Christian religion?

  42. another eye opening video. i can understand your frustration and i appreciate your common sense on matters of illegal immigration.

  43. It’s like a start of a zombie film. Notice all those pictures of men young men no women no children

  44. Well played Spain…
    I think it’s enough to make a single video of the Balkans,we know about Hungary’s opinion on this whole “refugee crisis”,and from what I know of Romania and Serbia I highly doubt that their feelings are much different.

  45. Europeans need to put Europe first, Africa’s problems is not Europe’s problem to solve but its time for African nations to work to solving their own problems.

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