Universities in Slovenia ban male gender from grammar

Again, sorry for yelling :’)


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100 thoughts on “Universities in Slovenia ban male gender from grammar”

  1. All slavic languages have different verb forms for male and female. I truly understand your problem. It’s really bizzare. Greatings from Poland.

  2. My grandpa came to America from Slovenia (well, it was still Yugoslavia when he came). I’ve always wanted to learn the language and visit someday. I really hope it doesn’t go down the way the rest of Europe is..

  3. ahahahah I tried to have a conversation with my colleague without using male gender form and I fucked up in second sentence. How are students supposed to make it through uni like that… why not just teach in English instead, pretty much every sentence in english can be gender neutral.

  4. So, these universities are basically saying the students have to s ay, “He runs [like a girl],” and THAT isn’t insulting! (LOL!)

  5. the absurb of anything, liberals are changing the normal and equal natural speak , what next ? dogs are humans too ? come on !!

  6. They are all children, who seem to forget everything their parents and grandparents learned and have they all forgotten desetdnevna vojna?

  7. I don’t know much about any of the European languages. But Slovenian sounds a lot similar to Hindi amd Urdu for that matter. Different verbs for genders. Also, the purpose of language is to express clearly. This bullshit–sorry, excuse me, this COWshit is gonna confuse the hell out of kids. As if they aren’t confused enough to begin with.

  8. They want The Handmaid’s Tale gender-reversed and enforced for real by law. All they have left to do is just say it outright. At least Solanas and Dworkin were honest and very clear. Meanwhile Bindel was too, until MILO came around the corner.

  9. 20 generations of Novak men just rolled over in their graves. Some were laughing their dead arses off but that’s not the point.

  10. 1:53 I like how you were making these slow, caressing gestures with you hand, while talking about balls. Message received! 😀

  11. The death of language… Orwell, approves. Remember war is peace, freedom is slavery and chocolate rations are being increased from 45 grams to 30 grams.

  12. A similar gender mechanic is present in Spanish as well, or it WAS. I think Spanish speaking. Schools and governments might have neutered themselves before Slovenia.

    So sorry for your loss. Language balls were the best. RIP. 😲😭😭😭😦😦

  13. Just two days ago I promised not to pick on Slovenians anymore because they seemed to have embraced reason and chosen a “right” turn. You can forget about that. I was looking forward to my vacation in Bratislava, but that’s out too…

  14. 1. it is only one faculty so far (Faculty of Arts of Ljubljana university ) one of almost thirty faculties, so which one is second one?
    2. the stupidity started with new wave of American feminist hysteria.
    3. it is only at the level of the expertise – which means that it is still possible that that stupidity won’t pass.
    4. it is not about Slovenian language – it is about gender sensitivity where women in “grandma pants” are accusing women in “thongs” of being sex objects and has nothing to do with the language but much more with some socio-economic issues (no willingness to lose time over this debate here).
    Under the line: yes the idea is moronic, but being exact would help a lot.

  15. the same goes for my mother tongue, Hebrew. It has different forms of verbs and adjectives for male and female. Tthe very idea of manipulating language by rules is insane.

  16. Let me get that straight…
    He and she is now sex instead of gender…….???
    What will they use for gender? LGBTQX terms???
    The Furry is talking to the Muppet.✅

  17. Hi, they trying to do it in spanish languaje as well, look for “lenguaje inclusivo” is the dumbest thing ive ever heard

  18. Thankfully only one university ban male gander and this university was former known as komunist university (FDV) for must go if you want political career in former communist Yugoslavia and Slovenia as part of YU of course

  19. Every day you tell me something new to fear for Slovenia. I’m from Trieste so yeah I care. Love your channel btw, Barb.

  20. I can understand that, cuz I’m Russian & Russian language has the same grammar as Slovenian & almost the same vocabulary… & I can’t imagine how It’s possible ‘to ban” genders in grammar level…. Language will turn into a hodgepodge

  21. I think it’s hard to understand for english speaking people, I am french and we have the same gender things in our language and understand so much are it’s ridiculous damn’t !! feminist become really crazy

  22. I warned the world of this years ago, and just goes to show how many elected and appointed traitors there are around the world willing to throw their own citizens under the bus as they turn their backs on citizens and force lobbyist dictatorship / dictation from the globalist crime organization and in this instance, force factually proven lies and deceptions through legislation etc. When I say I contacted the world, means I have been on several public forums over the years and have been directly in contact with tens of thousands of elected, appointed and designated officials of almost 200 countries on several occasions in recent years sharing the facts on the foundation of this primary issue and other that reveal the LGBT for the pathetic lying low life scum bags that they prove to be. The LGBT is pathetic garbage, a globalist sock puppet used to force lies on the public to divide the public over the sickest and most disgusting filthy such as LGBT garbage. Enjoy the following presentation Barbara:

    *Lindsay Shepherd Suing Leftist Garbage Destroying Our Education System*

    It’s a shame that more people haven’t stood up as Lindsay has to such pathetic garbage as the compulsive obsessive lying deceiving low life scum bag leftist pieces of excrement. Bravo Lindsay.

    I’ll never support leftist lies and deceptions and good to see others standing up to such pathetic filthy garbage as leftist sick anf filthy lies and deceptions being forced in schools and on society.

    I don’t respect garbage, if you were born with a penis, that is the “only” thing that makes any male a male. If you were born with a vagina that is the “only”thing that makes you a female. Being heterosexual doesn’t include having sex with some sicko born with the same sex genital as you whether that sicko gets their genital surgically mutilated or not. This sick behavior needs to be criminalized period and these sickos institutionalized / far away from innocent little children and the rest of society. These sickos don’t want to accept themselves for what they are, while thinking anyone else should be stupid enough to accept them for what they are not so that these sickos can go around robbing everyone else of what we are. They are garbage because they so willingly treat everyone else like garbage with a slew of factually proven lies and deceptions thus not worthy of respect.

    Hermaphrodites have not anything to do with the foundation of this issue because they are not gay, they are not hetero, they are not male and they are not female and if one of them decided to lop off a genital, they are left with a genital that has been there naturally since birth (And will always be hermaphrodite no matter what they do) but I know that the LGBT attempted to try and use these people as excuses to try and justify surgically mutilating some homosexual imbeciles genital.

    Like I stated the fact always remains that the only thing that makes any / every male a male is that he is born with a penis. Fact always remains that the only thing that makes any female, female is that she is born with a vagina.

    Those born with a penis and a vagina are not male, are not female, are not heterosexual and are not homosexual. They are born physically defective and again if they chose to remove a genital (they are still and always will be hermaphrodite) they are left with a genital that has been there naturally since birth, it’s not some sicko with a penis surgically mutilated and stuffed inside it’s sick filthy abomination of a body.

    Fact the only thing that makes every male a male is that he is born with a penis. Fact, the only thing that makes any female a female is that they are born with a vagina.

    What did the LGBT do, ignore fact make up a factually proven lies claimed that it is what some pathetic LGBT imbecile believes that determines ones sex then forced lies through legislation dictating that scientists, physicians etc have to reiterate leftist lies and started calling those lies such things as scientific evidence. I already shared that with this nutcase but here they are demonstrating the slew of lies which I already have exposed over the past 15 years from individual throughout international levels in contact with even tens of thousands of elected, appointed and designated officials of almost 200 countries on several occasions.

    Then they have the nerve to further lie with their sick twisted mentalities claiming such rubbish as people who do not support such sick filthy and disgusting LGBT obvious lies used to assist homosexuals in defecating on heterosexuals are creating the conflict by refusing to admit the obvious lie that transsexuals and homosexuals are intersex. This is why they threaten your livelihood, to force lies on you and your children because all they have are a slew of lies and deceptions.

    What is the word intersex, it’s a word created by liars deliberately ignoring the fact that the only thing that determines anyones sex / gender is what genital that they are born with to coin a phrase that describes people who are too pathetic to want to even accept themselves for what they are as an excuse to assist these sickos in robbing everyone else of what we are while attempting to drag everyone else down to their sick and warped pathetic level.

    Fact: homosexuals have sex with those born with the same sex genital that the homosexual them self is born with. Getting their genital surgically mutilated doesn’t change this fact.

    Fact: Heterosexuals have sex with those born with the opposite sex genital that the heterosexual is born with (not some sicko born with the same sex genital as the heterosexual pretending to be the opposite sex) and here you are attempting to make up excuses for this sick filthy and disgusting homosexual behavior of pretending to be something that these sickos are not so that they can go around robbing everyone else of what we are while degrading, humiliating and traumatizing heterosexuals because being heterosexual doesn’t include having sex with some sick homosexual born with the same sex genital as the heterosexual is born with pretending to be something they are not and never will be!!!

    You see people, leftists cower from contesting any of the facts on the foundation of this issue, they just make up lies and deceptions to support lies and deceptions created to assist homosexuals in getting away with such sick, filthy and disgusting behavior as they continuously ignore fact but instead focus on trying to come up with ways to force their pathetic filthy inexcusable garbage on everyone.

    These imbeciles have no regard for what it means to be heterosexual, they couldn’t give a rats ass that you were born that way, they want to rob you of what you are with their sick filthy and disgusting leis and deceptions yet these sick fucks want your sympathy. These sickos belong in an insane asylum and far away from children where they can finally be taught to accept themselves for what they themselves are and accept responsibility for their sick and filthy inexcusable behavior!

    Anyway Lindsay, you may not be anywhere near as hard core on the subject as I, but bravo for your standing up to such pathetic and filthy garbage.

    Support leftist lies or be fired, if it is time for anything it is time to remove leftists / their sick and filthy compulsive obsessive lying deceiving mentalities out of school systems and far away from our children for the well being and sanity of current and future generations. I mean really people, you want people in schools compulsive and obsessively forcing lies on your kids?!! How is this in any way shape or form acceptable? It is not!

    Criminalizing propagating factually proven foundations of lies will shut down these sickos.


    Primary Factual Fundamentalist World Class Activist
    David Jeffrey Spetch
    Ps. Be good, be strong!
    Hamilton Ontario Canada

  23. Regressive pos’s call anything regressive progressive because they are just that pathetic to lie compulsively and obsessively.

  24. feminism is like a freight train on steroids with tunnel vision, it’s gonna crash, and when it does, it will be ugly

  25. I never thought that this ”gender topic bullshit” would affect a small country like Slovenia. Every day I feel that the EU is getting worse and worse as time goes by.

  26. This is called “Adelphité” in France 🙂
    Adelphe (Adelphós in Greek) want mean “Brother” and it’s a name of a man 🙂

  27. Eventually a decision will need to be made. Will we allow Leftist Cultural Marxist to destroy civilization, or will we Destroy Them. I vote Destroy Leftist.

  28. Anyone going to one of these schools that want gender neutral pronouns in their writing assignments, replace EVERY pronoun with “I”. Let them see what a fukken mess they’ve created.

  29. I don’t speak Slovenian but I understand like 80% of it because my native language is Russian and those are similar language families, for example we say “tekla” to explain how water runs (Voda tekla po kryshe – water was running on the roof) and I also speak Czech and Ukrainian which are belong to same language family as well. And I must tell you that removing male gender from grammar in Slavic languages is like destroying the whole construction of language itself. Its not only verbs are fucked out, there are meanings behind certain words that female gender can use and it sounds normal but when used by male gender is just wrong.

  30. This makes no sense! Could you imagine russians doing this? You’d have to go to school for 8 years because you’d keep failing while you relearn your whole language just to pass basic Russian or Slovenian literature. Wow, really that came out of nowhere, huh… I be you’re glad you already graduated university. SO QUESTION: do you have to change pronouns or whatever for University? like “eta universitet” vs. “eto universitet?”

  31. Happenned here in Australia with 2universities (un named) doing same thing about a month ago. They were actually downmarking the students for using gender based words ( his her he she mankind etc) .A Transexual-Butch looking thing came out as spokes thing and said”These words could hurt someone and we cant be too sensitive can we?”….Wow…ask that to person sufferring bad skin rash or giving painful birth! Weirdos !

  32. When you are from Russia and can truly understand how stupid and ridiculous this “thing” is…. Hope you haven’t lost your sanity completely.

  33. Oh for fuck’s sake. ONE faculty, not all universities banned it – except they did not even ban it there were just talks about it and that is it. Stupid? Yes, very. But you are over exaggerating. Then again you are desperate for new material for videos and riding the anti-feminist bandwagon is the only thing that gets you views. Yawn. Must be easy life, living in LA and whining about shit that happens in your home country.

  34. I’m fed up of this man shaming bullshit.
    Men are awesome.
    Men are dicks.
    Women are awesome.
    Women are cunts.

  35. So don’t you have a third expression in your language for transgenders to use? Now that’s really sexist.

  36. Spanish is similar in having masculine and feminine versions of words; I suspect many romantic languages are similar. It is insane that they are applying this as a policy at a university.

  37. Ha, ha, ha!, I love the way you sign off, you are so special. Slovenian as well as much of the languages out there, are so backwards and primitive. Modern English is the language that the whole world should speak, and if you don’t, you are a third world subspecies.

  38. We should all: 1) Band together, 2) Invade Slovenia and 3) install Barb as our queen and she will rule with wisdom and mercy for a hundred years. All Hail Queen Barb the First! (anyone know the Slovenian word for “Queen”)?

  39. Sounds like Slovenia is due for a large dose of MGTOW.

    I hope Slovenia is ready for lower birth rates, weaker economy, and men not protecting the borders.


  41. @Barbara4u2c… why am i so fucking jealus of you being so good… i don’t want to be, but my fucking brains have diffrend plans xD

  42. Gonna have to start walking around in shorts with no underwear an show off my manhood more often this has gotten to be to much.

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