“You got what you deserved” – The tolerant left about my situation

I had no plan on making this vid but SO MANY of you wanted me to talk about the hypocrisy and since I cater to your everlasting needs – here it is. Exposing the left, yet again.

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108 thoughts on ““You got what you deserved” – The tolerant left about my situation”

  1. I watch her videos. I’m on the left.  some people on both side take it to far and it turns in to kids in a sand box fighting. People just need to calm down and find whet we have in common. A society can not prosper like this.

    1. Barbara4u2c you are fine, enjoy being in the land of dragons, you know you’re always welcome here…”lmfaooooo!” is cute when you say it…lol

    2. @…Kent Bowmanthat reference is from Rambo 3…the afgan guide says to Rambo “god must love crazy people” Rambo says, “Why?” ” Guide says,  “He makes so many.”

  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if her current neighbors in Slovenia knew who she was and they started making noises to continue the trend of noises interrupting her. I love how often weird noises interrupt her! I wish someone would make a compilation of them.

  3. Let’s be fair, you will survive in Slovenia, whereas these pathetic pieces of shit couldn’t survive anywhere outside of their little bullshit bubbles.

  4. Gather up all the jokes and funny stories you can find over in Eastern Europe and put on a comedy show for us, I think you might get a bigger following than you think without leaving home at least until you Get all the visa stuff straightened out.)))

  5. You’re white. No sympathy for you… we just blame whitey for everything these days. It’s not racist though. Because racism by definition cannot include whites.

  6. Ive been to koper, slovenia.. People are so nice and girls are so beautiful.. They have so beautiful eyes.. Blue and green.. im frm Philippines but i think theyre not being racist to me..

  7. Being descended from the original founding stock of this country, I say you can stay. What leftist think about it doesn’t matter because most likely aren’t descended from the founding stock and the few who do happen to be are filthy traitors.

  8. Fuck all the arseholes…. But if you had killed a few people, raped a few people, sold drugs, pimped out some women they would love you and be desperate to get you in the country but thats liberals for you

  9. See? You are proof that the U.S. immigration system, though broken, is not racist anymore. Immigration is tough for everyone who wants to immigrate here. I don’t agree with everything you say, and the organization you cited in one of your videos, Identity Evropa still is full of shit, but I do still feel bad for you.

    Sincerely, a leftie.

  10. Shit. She is so HOT that she should stay and contribute to the American gene pool. I will be glad to have her immigrate to my house.

  11. At least Slovenia is not a shithole country! Why don’t Democrats go hiking in Mexico or South Africa, or maybe the Congo.

    1. 1. She complains about ILLEGAL migrants, which she is not…
      2. She shows how it’s done legally by following the law…
      3. It’s explained in the video on a baby level, yet morons still won’t get it…

    2. Salokin Wow, guess you don’t know the difference between illegal and legal. How many rapefugees have you taken in, by the way?

  12. Lol, love you girl! You’re the type of productive, hard working immigrant ANY NATION would want!

    Not these illegal aliens who disregard other nation’s law, come here illegally, rely on our Welfare program instead of being a productive member of our society.

    You’re welcome back to the States anything you wish! =)

  13. This whole situation apparently is too complicated for the poor arrested development victims…
    Here, I’ll sum it up for You…
    1. She complains about ILLEGAL migrants, which she is not…
    2. She shows how it’s done legally by following the law…
    3. It’s explained in the video on a baby level, yet morons still won’t get it…

  14. Spanish speaking Mexicans should go back to Spain since their ancestors colonized the land and killed the wonderful people who were there first. Such hypocrites they all are!

  15. Da se ne lažemo, otišla si iz SAD jer želiš da sve bude _legalno_! Mogla si, kao mnogi, da ostaneš tamo koliko hoćeš. Problem je samo što bi tako bila zarobljena; jednom kad izađeš, nema povratka, zar ne? 😉 BTW, sere se i meni od te “white guilt” fore sa kojom su Amerikanci opsednuti

  16. I just saw a clip comparing the economies of USA and China. Of what I can see the USA will become a poor country. I think the left is to blame for the decline of USA. Hope they can recover from what Obama did to their country.

  17. Hello in Finland watched Ramz and homelands. Lots of here too welcomed all muslims in sweden 2015 and now they thinking even 100k are coming there 🙁

  18. The reason why it’s funny for them to reference your getting same treatment as you allegedly want for black people is because their so dumb they don’t understand that you are a good person from a good race.. where as the people your speaking of in your videos are the scum of the earth rapist murderous disgusting scum.. so when they say these dumb things to you it is just ridiculous. They look so dumb. I don’t have the right words for this sorry. I can’t say what it is in my head.

  19. 🇺🇸We love you Barbara you are a beautiful brilliant soul, intelligent girl and very cute..a bright future it’s awaiting for you. 🇺🇸

  20. BARB you are no where near racist! I think you have a fan in me 😩 hope we cross paths back when you come to the US 😘😘 I’m not on the left and I’m not on the right!!!

  21. Barb, you’re a great gal. As a citizen of the U.S., I say you are an honorary citizen of this WHITE NATION. Bless you.

  22. Love you Barbara
    Ignore the AssHats and come home asap.
    You’re more American than { being generous here} most of the so-called Democrats in Ca.

  23. Hm, I’m slightly on the left, slightly libertarian instead of authoritarian… did they even watch your videos? they should know quite quickly the difference between sane immigration policy and insane open border policy.

    But maybe that’s too complicated for them, would fit anyway, after all everyone right of Marx seems like a Nazi to them.

  24. That moment when your haters think they won and they tip their hands to show you what they’re really all about

  25. We love you so much dear Barbara..keep up the good job you are highly intelligent and beautiful..greetings from the middle east !! :-*

  26. I’m originally from L.A. and I know I speak for the few smart people there when I say: Come back, Barbara! We love you! We need you!

  27. Hello, Barbara. I’m sorry to you go. We welcome you back when your legal again. That’s right people anyone can come if your LEGAL and not breaking any rules.

  28. I agree there are way too many of these brain dead looney tunes running around it blows my mind too especially the ones who believe they’re highly educated haha

  29. Barbara, you’re great! You’re an amazing person! Fuck the haters and their toxic comments! They are losers! You are the winner! All the best to you, girl!

  30. I like you but it does bother me how you paint left with this wide brush, the amount of people who actually want things like mansplaining illegal is minuscule, not even enough to get protests unlike alt right nazi soil and blood protests. yet i imagine when the right is labeled like that it bothers you, it would bother me. But also it’s not hypocrisy, you argue against immigration (yes specifically illegal) but that rhetoric results in all immigration being made more difficult, and last tolerance doesn’t mean silence, it doesn’t mean being complicit, we will use our right to free speech as anyone else would. Just as you have mocked people for letting in immigrants we too mock you for arguing for stricter regulations and then suffering from said regulations, other side of the coin that’s all it is.

  31. hello barbara… im from Slovenia and the shit is goin onn is totaly disaster and above all,this is small thing in whats goin onn in a background. Slovenian people who live totaly poor life,our goverment rather supports more and more imigrants makeing homes for them etc.. things have to stop… Its like history is comeing back. From crusader wars etc.. but in that time they stop them. But now is all in slow some peacefull way and everything you doo its forced against you.

  32. Wow, I had no idea that people posted stuff like that to you. Just shows how intolerant some people are. I had NEVER seen a bad or “offensive” post from you. Not sure where this comes from.

  33. Wow i am going to miss you, your videos and commentary.At this point you might as well use this time to recharge the mind and body, journalism is not easy.When we get to see you again you will be revamped and ready to go, don’t listen to negative comments , their are many people that enjoy your reporting so ignore them haters and do what you need to do and remember you are appreciated by many.

  34. i dont get it, why LA? its the most liberal place on the planet. you would hate it there. or maybe, you secretly love liberals and multiculturalism. i dont think you should come to the US in my opinion, you should stay in your own country and make it better there. right wingers on youtube secretly love liberals, and like living in diverse places, its true, just look at where these people are living. i mean, you barbara, actually want to live in LA, lol, you are choosing to live in a liberal city, why not choose a conservative city?? ohh, thats right, because its boring as shit, and they suck. just admit it barbara, you love liberals. anyways, America will become united, its all part of the fourth turning, all this division people like you are creating, will die out, sooner or later. alex jones is just the start of it. you dividers are the enemy of America, and i hope you dont get your Visa, because you are danger to society. so what if people live like sheep and are hidden from the truth, if they are happy, let them be happy. people like you are a small bump in the road, to the new America that is coming, and i hope you arent living in America when it does happen.

  35. I don’t know how I got to this video, not my normal stuff. You are extremely beautiful and I’m not typically attracted to blondes. I’m far too old to be watching this video. Keep developing your mind because beauty doesn’t last. You’re at your peak as far as beauty, but no one reaches their peak as far as your mind.

    Edit: I wrote too soon. I took a look at some of your other videos. There is a hate there in you that I hope you grow out of because its ugly.

  36. I personally dont see left or right (politically speaking). Now that THAT is clear…. The issue with your messege (at leasr to me and some others) is the tone used. You promote the idea of ILLEGAL inmigrants being BAD. That in fact is a universal truth (no devate). The issue is that ypu attack a sector that is running away from a very bad situation (refugees); I am not saying let anyone in any country no matter what, NO! BUT, if your country has agreed to accept people (in limited quantities, and relative to the total amount of people living there) as long as they can PROVE their situation, why hate on it? Do you see that by creating such videos with extreme views you are supporting politicians that WONT solve your issues? that are JUST taking advantage of the situation? Bring clarity to the matters and for sure expose what is being done wrong. There is no need to hate so much and to promote hate against a sector just because of the place they come from! LEGAL inmigratio. is what its all about (as you seem to support by leaving the US). All over Europe you see hate in the streets against ALL inmigrants, not just „illegal“ ones. Put yourself in that situation: you come to a country LEGALLY, obtain all your papers LEGALLY and a group of people just come to your door and want to harm or insult you. THATS mot fair…! And this videos give FUEL to people that THINK like this! I hope you see the meaining of this post.

  37. Wait!! You’re to awesome for the US to be deported!! Seriously it’s the shitbags that need to go not smart hard working law abiding citizens like you.

  38. Critical thinkers know what’s up. At first I thought there’s no need to make this video, but hopefully the idiots learn something in these follow up videos. The absurdity of these comments are prevalent. Some people have cancer of the thought process. Best wishes!!

  39. You’ve got similar style of speaking and body language to Candace Owens ( she can truly show how stupid leftist are) – which I like, although we shouldn’t laugh of retarded people which the leftist unfortunately are.

  40. Why didn’t you marry your black boyfriend Barbara? You would have been allowed to stay in the US and you would be with someone of a similar intellectual level.

  41. What’s so funny about all those people is, in other countries they would get shot, bulldozed, jailed, tortured, and everything else under the sun. But here in America, we we not only allow them to exist, like a little kid that keeps screaming that he wants something, we let them scream and pout and whine. It’s amazing and comical to watch people act like children;) But who knows? … maybe all these people actually are children posing as adults..lol. Anyway we welcome you there, we welcome you here, and know that nobody can stop you Barbara;) PS…U got friends in Florida:)

  42. I really admire you, for using the right words. These illegal immigrants are using all types of excuses to victimize themselves and blame it on those who follow the law.

  43. Never underestimate how obsessed minorities in the US are with white people, especially white women. I see comments for old photographs, and all the white people saying things like “Wow, interesting suits” or “Nice car in the background” while the black posters say “Wow, I see 3 old racist crackers” or “Huh this is what TRUMP wants”. It’s either a weakness or a strength that white people in North America almost never think about identity or other races

    The cognitive distortion comes when they think that WE are as obsessed in return as they are with us

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